G5 or Intel? PPC concern with Snow Leopard

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Clipse79, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Looking to finally go to mac desktop. Had a older laptop that I got rid of that was not being used but my dilema is with the rumour that snow leopard maybe dropping ppc support should I look for a Intel based machine? I guess I should add i`m looking into something a year or two old like a iMac....

    Just looking for feedback....
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    Even though I like PPC a lot, I will say, get an Intel Mac. Intel is the future and the way to go.
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    is there any reason to go ppc now? all major apps are universal
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    Tallest Skil

    If the developer seed is any indicator, it's Intel only. Get an Intel Mac.
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    cherry su

    Intel. The iMacs are quite nice.
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    TwinCities Dan

    I also vote Intel :)
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    The iMac I got in Oct/Nov (can't remember exactly, late Oct or early Nov) is the 17 inch white Core 2 Duo iMac. 2 Ghz, Bluetooth model (not the other 17 educational one without it)

    It cost $850, IMO a much better deal than the mini. It was refurbished so check out the refurbished store, I'm sure the new Aluminum ones are a good deal and the white ones are probably even better.
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    Thanks guys!
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    Even if Snow Leopard does end up having PPC support, things like "Grand Central" are designed for multi-core CPUs, which the PPC is not. So you'll want to choose an Intel CPU to take advantage of these future technologies.
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    Maybe, i am wrong about this; but the Last Three G5s were 'Core' machines. The G5 2.0 GHz, and 2.3 GHz, were both Dual Core G5s. While the last G5 was a Quad Core at 2.5 GHz. Therefore, Apple could/should support them.

    These last G5s did in fact have Dual Cores, but they were one core per chip. Were as Intel has two Cores per chip. [ie. Core 2 Duo].

    But like i said, i could be wrong?
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    a little off topic but, too bad mac didn't go with amd or something better
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    Considering Intel's current line-up clubs AMD's like a harp seal and AMD's next series of CPUs (Kuma and Phenom FX) have been canceled, I for one am glad Apple stayed far away from them.

    Ed Stroglio at Overclockers.com was dead-on when he said AMD should rename their CPU line to "Vaperons".
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    I read overclockers.com too and agree that Apple would be in trouble if they had switched to AMD rather than Intel.

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    you should get an intel mac for sure. if cost is a problem, there are plenty of cheaper refurbs available on the apple store online. Snow-Leopard *might* end up being intel only, so you don't want to miss out on that. also, if it means anything to you. the first white intel Core Duo iMacs (Jan 2006) are 32-bit only, while every intel iMac after September 2006 are Core 2 Duo 64-bit.
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    i didnt know this but amd is still better, i hate my intel mac it makes me so mad goes slow as ****...
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    And you think it would be better with an AMD CPU?
  17. jnc
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    Make it a 24" white iMac.
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    The Intel Core series has been the fastest consumer CPU line available for some time now.

    The days of AMD Athlons whipping Pentium 4's are in the past now I'm afraid!
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    Well Nehalem will bring the two advantages AMD has - integrated memory controllers and a more effective multi-CPU interconnect - to the Intel platform, so at that point, Intel's superiority will be complete.
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    well i guess i only can rember my p4 which well is infested with virses but its just something i dont like about intel i cant explain it my macbook always sits on my desk shut off with my emac always on doing everything and it seems so much faster, and i dont have to always force quit with it as much as my macbook
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    Not to start any wars here, but to even imply that you had more viruses on a PC because it was running on an Intel chip is pure ridiculousness.

    As for the OP, PPC is unfortunately a thing of the past. Maybe check out the last white iMac revisions?
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    Neural Net Processor

    I say leap frog both Power and Intel. Instead opting for a Neural Net Processor which is, of course, a learning computer.
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    no i didnt say i had virses on my pc cause it was an intel thats like wtf how would that make it have more virses lol anywhos theres something i dont like about intel, the only thing i sorta like it for is boot camp, but w.e im gunna have to live with it espically if im gunna get a mac mini
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    Unless price is a MAJOR concern, you don't do many cpu intensive tasks and you can find a SCREAMING deal, there's no reason to go PPC at this point.

    If you're still running classic applications (unless it's in a pro environment, of course), may god have mercy on your soul.
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    PPC G5 - dedicated JukeBox

    I plan to make my PPC G5 a dedicated music server or Jukebox as it were.
    Also use it for the "guest" web access - browser.

    I guess I can name it the Brickhouse Music Warehouse :apple:

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