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G5 Overheating?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jared_kipe, Aug 1, 2004.

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    Has anybody ever heard of the stock Nvidia 5200 overheating in a dual 1.8 G5? It keeps crashing while playing games, any game for the most part, and the only thing I can feel is that the passive cooler on my GPU is very very hot to the touch. Almost too much so to touch.

    Only other thing I can figure is my Memory Controller Heatsink is running at 54.22C. Can anybody else with such a system run the Temperature Sensor 2.0 to see what everything is running?
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    Heard a lot of rumors about Nvidia 5200 cards, most of them not good.:mad:
    I've worked on several single 1.8 G5's that turned out to have bad video cards.:eek: These were new machines purchased from Apple Resellers. Apple did replace the cards with new ones and the problems disappeared. :) One of the G5's still displays an incorrect icon when a firewire drive is hooked up to it, but the "customer" says "leave it alone I can live with it".:eek:

    Both had the updates installed for the fan controls.

    Just a thought!! :eek:
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    I also have a dual 1.8 with an Nvidia 5200. I am having weird things happen as well. Do your fans all of the sudden ramp up to full speed and then you usually have to shut down? I have also had issues with games just shutting down. I did run the hardware test and it found nothing wrong with the card.

    I have read, as has oldfart, many other threads where people seem to be having issues with dual 1.8's with the nvidia cards. I have not heard much from the 9600xt people.
    I am planning on calling apple to see if they will replace the card with the 9600.
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    Calling to get a replacement 9600 would be awesome, but I really really doubt apple will sell one for anything less than their replacement cost for a 9600 ($250). It isn't really like that, I don't think my fan's are on too much, but it just crashes, every game, but I havn't been able to recreate it with folding and itunes visualizer. So maybe if we all call and complain they will have to do something about it. ... Still waiting on those Temp readouts...
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    I'm not sure but I also heard this was software related - make sure everything is updated including the games.

    But I can't remember where I heard/read this.

    What OS version are you running? 10.2 or 10.3?

    My main concern is that this is a nVidea problem making my $500 gorrilla (6800) a potential initial set back.


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    Dual 1.8 G5s came out after Panther, thus it shipped with it. But yes, I'm using 10.3.4.

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