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G5 pro 2GHz 4gb ram lepoard 10.5good for cubase5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by studio51, Sep 30, 2009.

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    :apple:New to the Mac world bought a older G5 / have lepoard 10.5/ will instal cubase 5,1/ universal audio cards /1by 2/
    Bfd midi drums and grove agent/ was wondering if this is a good machine for the money/this will not go on the net/:apple: got it fairly cheap/will be useing steinbergs audio csx816/will it be better than my acer inspire/will my uad cards will there even be room thanks Kevin
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    Well, formatting paragraphs is a good start.

    That aside, just make sure your expansion cards work inside a Powermac G5, aka they are PCI or PCI-X for older models and PCI-E for the last G5s made.
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    Pay attention to what kind of slots your power mac has (pci x/pci express).
    Keep an eye out for possible leaks if your model is watercooled.
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    thanks for the info

    Hey guys thanks for the response was wondering what you also thought of the performance of that machine/it came with four megs of ram says upgradble too 16 / this is my first mac and I am hoping for a continued life with a mac /I do music recording only/the forum here seems great thank you /:)
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    If it's the last G5 variant, which I guess it must be if it can take 16GB of RAM, it will be about two-thirds as fast as the current 2GHz Mac mini. Also, it will not be able to run Snow Leopard as it is PPC based. 2/3 of a mac mini is respectable but not the powerhouse that it once was. What will you be doing with cubase? I suppose if you're running lots of virtual instruments or effects it's going to get bogged down.

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