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G5 Shipping date

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by madru, Jul 16, 2003.

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    Shipping dates for G5 have been updated. G5 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0 will ship in approximately 4-6, 4-6, and 7-10 weeks respectively.
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    On or before 8/29 is the new date when I look at Apple's order status page.
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    Re: G5 Shipping date

    On the high ends, that means early september for the 1.6 and 1.8, and early october for the 2.0. Those aren't good times at all.

    But on the low end, that means mid august and mid september, and those are a lot better.
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    Re: Re: G5 Shipping date

    But it would fit in the announced shipping dates, wouldn't it?
    Personally, I hope for 4 weeks, because the earlier, the better :)
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    I just hope they don't keep pushing the shipping dates back. Isn't that what they did with the 17" PowerBook G4?
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    I just hope they keep moving the date forward - as they just did, from 9/2 to 8/29 or before.
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    The apple rep I talked to on the phone told me that if you ordered a G5 with nothing added or deleted, then it would be shipped sometime in August. But if you did a built-to-order G5, it will ship out early september.

    And we're supposed to get matching keyboard and mouse for our G5, no eMac crap!
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    I ordered my G5 about 2 minutes after Apple's Online store came back after the WWDC keynote and I was told August... If I have to wait until september I can't even describe how upset I will be.
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    My thought is that if Apple gave you a shipping date of August, you have nothing to worry about. It should be first come first served. I don't think tat Apple would want to get a bad reputation. Congratulations on your purchase of a G5. I have no doubt that you will be able brag about being among the first owners of the G5! :cool:
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    I think we all agree that the sooner the G5 gets here the better.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Lets all remember to post news stories in current events, ok? While this is something like news, there is no link....

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    Can you say what the source of your information was back in July on the 17th when you posted this message?
    Thom John

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