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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by qwea44, Jun 29, 2011.

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    hi all,

    i have bought a new g5, with firmware 10.4.11 on it
    so i wanted to upgrade this PPC to leopard, so what i have did was,
    copy all the stuff from the leopard install cd and putted it on my hdd (I know it was stupid)
    so after that i rebooted my g5 and it is stuck on the apple logo
    i only have a pc with windows 7 and ubuntu, and i have a firewire, so maybe that could help it, please help me, and i´m new at forums.

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    hey, thanks for your reply :D

    well how can i boot then from a dvd?
    and can i use my friends mac for a external hdd via firewire?

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    By inserting the DVD, starting the Mac and holding down the "C" key or the OPTION/Alt key.

    For what again?
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    i've just tried it, but nothing comes op or something when i hold the c or option/alt key, btw i don't have a official mac keyboard, is that a problem?

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    Are you using a wireless keyboard? Use a USB keyboard. Hold down the C or Option/Alt key after the boot chime and keep holding it until the grey screen shows up offering you the choice of booting from the hard drive or DVD.
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    What version of Leopard is it? Is the DVD grey or coloured?
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    I'm using a usb keyboard and still there's nothing
    but i had problems with the keyboard already before the problem
    so is it the keyboard or not?



    i'ts the original leopard, and it's grey

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    Since Leopard has been released in 2007 and Power Macs were last sold in 2005/6 from Apple, you got a Leopard version that is machine specific and will not work with a PPC Mac or any other Mac, unless the exact model it came with.
    You NEED to get a RETAIL version of Leopard if you want to run Leopard.
    Check eBay or CL, but know, that Leopard still goes for around 100 USD.
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    ahaa, ok thanks for the information, but is'nt there another way to get the retail like copying it or download it free?
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    No and maybe, but that we can't discuss.
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    oh well i'm sorry i didn't know that i'm new to forums

    but then i have no choice; I'm going to order a retail now on ebay :D

    thanx for all the help and all the information, i will post a thread when i have the retail and still having problems

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