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G5 won't boot: OHCI not sticking

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by borat3, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    So I was running my PPC G5 with a lot of processes and the whole computer froze, not just one application. I held down the power button on the tower until it shut off and then waited and turned it back on but it wouldn't start. Now whenever I turn it on, it goes to the gray startup screen with the apple and the loading "gear" and stays there, while the fans begin to run loud and fast. I tried resetting the PRAM with no luck, safe mode will not work, and when I ran in single-user mode, it came up with this error a bunch of times until I just turned it off: OHCIRootHubPortPower bit not sticking. I only have the keyboard and mouse attached to the computer, nothing else. Any ideas?
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    Well, OHCI stands for an Open Host Controller Interface and it is used for USB 1.1, which is the specification that a keyboard and mouse run at. Try unplugging the keyboard and mouse and then try to boot.
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    No luck with unplugging the keyboard and mouse. Any other ideas? I feel like I just overloaded the system and then forced the shut down and now it just won't turn on :(
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    Seems like some of system files are screwed up or HDD gone bad. Start with Verify/Repair Disk in Disk utility (boot from OS Install Disc) or check your HDD with fsck in single user mode.
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    Unfortunately, I don't have the install disc for this computer :( Really limits my options. I ran fsck in single user mode and that "OHCIRootHubPortPower bit not sticking" came up almost immediately and then it just repeated that error.
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    Disk Warrior?
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    I'm not very familiar with Disk Warrior, but wouldn't you probably need the install disk to use it, in which case I don't have it?
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    Great Success! I was just able to start it up in Safe Mode using Shift-Command-V :) Here are some potential errors I saw a ton: appleintelcpupowermanagement isn't a valid mach-o,
    error mapping module file com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement,
    OHCIRootHubResetResetChange bit not sticking

    I'm now able to use the computer should I run Disk Utility now? I'm scared to turn it off because it may never come back on haha
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    well appleintelcpupowermanagement should not be on a ppc system maybe a trick i have used on hackintoshes might help and that is to delete the appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext from the extensions folder and rebuild the extensions.mkext with a program i think is called mkext utility
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    Yeah it doesn't make sense that there would be an Intel file on a PPC Mac. Not 100% certain what a Hackintosh is, but I don't think this Mac is a hackintosh :) Everything on it is legit and by the book because it was previously owned by a strict company and I just got it for free cuz they were going to trash it. Everything is original parts, Ram, etc.
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    Forgot to mention: When I was in safe mode, I deleted the partial applications/files that I was installing before the computer crashed and then restarted the computer in normal mode and it worked perfectly. The computer so far starts up and runs fine now :) I don't know whether it was because I deleted those incomplete files or if it was from just running it in safe mode. Hopefully it continues to work.
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    It just says that the kext does not contain PPC code, which makes sense, as you can't control any Intel-CPU in a PPC Mac. Feel safe to ignore.
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    a hackintosh is a pc with mac osx installed on it (like the advent 4211 in my sig) and on some systems the appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext will cause the system to hang in boot
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    backup what you need, the repair permissions using disk util. if that fails,
    take off, nuke the joint from orbit, only way to be sure!
    then re-install
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    Thanks for all the advice. The computer has been working perfectly ever since. If I ever have any more problems I know this is the place to come frantically. Thanks again :)

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