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Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by rekras, Jan 21, 2002.

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    what's all this i keep hearing about a G5 not coming out until 2003, I figured they'd be coming out at MWNY this year, what's the deal people???:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Nobody know!!! Everybody is guessing different dates!!
  3. Six
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    It'll be out 2 weeks ago..
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    Ensign Paris

    and how do you know that?
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    I think that was joke!! Two weeks ago!!
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    Well I'm not bloody joking; I am an insider at Apple and good friends with Jobs and he told me himself he will have the G5 released in 2 weeks ago. He also said that his new machine is being designed to look like a G5 but they are putting in a special release G6 chip instead.
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    G6?! Say what? Uhhh...
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    No, it will not be at MWNY. Look at it through a marketing point of view everyone here hopefully knows about x-mas right (ok so maybe I don't get out much). Anyway apple has big sales for x-mas so they are not going to put out a new computer right before x-mas not they put out a new one way before x-mas because the first computer they put out they don't earn as much money so you out out a G5 before MWNY and just maybe up the speeds maybe a new bus at MWNY so you earn more.
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    Oh yeah, the G6 is a 17 pipeline stage processor running 1MB of BACKSIDE cache and 5MB L2 Cache but no L3 Cache as yet. It is currently running at 9.7Ghz but SHOULD be expandable up to NEARLY 15GHz if Motorola can get their act together.

    Steve Jobs is quoted as saying "**** this is ****ing fast mother****er"
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    As for the summer release idea, I think sooner would be better in order to capture some of the school purchases. And if they are released before MWNY then all of the revision 1.0 bugs could be ironed out for a major roll out in NY.
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    Well heck why not just skip the G5 and G6 and get a G7 out...I mean that thing outta run at 20-30 Ghz. I can see it now...the first computer with liquid cooling...hehe
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    you guys owe me BIG for this. I captured it as it was happening on a very private Hotline server with an apple employee, who's alias has been changed in this text... nothing else has been altered..

    anon: the G5 will be announced next month during Seybold i think like the 22-26 or something
    anon: check out the starting G5: 1.2 gig PPC G5
    anon: 256 DDR Ram
    anon: NVidia3 64 video
    anon: USB 1.0 (unlikely 2.0 will debut now)
    anon: Firewire 2.0 aka Gigawire
    anon: 60 gig harddrive
    anon: Superdrive
    anon: Gigabit ethernet
    anon: Optical port * More on this later on
    anon: $1699
    anon: 1.8 gig PPC G5
    anon: 1 GIG DDR Ram
    anon: NVidia3 64 video (dual view)
    anon: USB 1.0 (unlikely 2.0 will debut now)
    anon: Firewire 2.0 aka Gigawire
    anon: 120 gig harddrive
    anon: Superdrive
    anon: Gigabit ethernet
    anon: Optical port
    anon: $3299

    anon: SUMMER MACWORLD.........
    anon: Still tentative based on market conditions, etc.
    anon: iMac (new) get USB 2.0, speed bump to top end of 1.0 gig
    anon: iBook get USB 2.0, whole line
    anon: 1 will remian 12 inch with 600 mhz G3
    anon: rest will be 14.1 inch with G4 at 667 and 867
    anon: graphics will be enhanced to radeon level.
    anon: G5 tower will get USB 2.0 and POSSIBLE speed bumps (.2 gig each model)
    anon: TiBook will get USB 2.0 and POSSIBLE speed bump (.2 gig each model)

    anon: As for the TiBook, it has not been forgotten either.
    anon: It WILL NOT HAVE A G5.
    anon: It WILL break 1 gig with the G4.
    anon: Graphics will be enhanced with more RAM but will STILL BE ATI (think Radeon 2 aka 8500)
    anon: Same size configurations and look
    anon: NEW batterey technology, based on same tech used in iPod. LONGER run time (8 to 12 hours from tests)
    anon: 3 configurations.
    anon: 1.0, 1.4 and 1.8 G4 at same price points. It WILL have Firewire 2.0 (Gigawire) and USB 1.0, and airport.

    anon: i got news on OS classic
    anon: Classic.
    anon: Well, the days of classic are limited. With OSX being primary startup..... However, look for the venerable OS 9.2.2 to have three more bigger revisions, 9.3, 9.4 and finally 9.5. Although development willstop after 9.3 which will add some additional functionality with itools and webdav, and communication, 9.4 and 9.5 will be polishing and hardware compatibility updates. Most intriguging is the concept that 9.4 and 9.5 will NOT be standalong OS. Meaning you can run classic 9.4 within OSX but NOT as its own boot. This makes for a faster experience and discards some legacy code and optimizes things a bit. Apple knows many peopel will need classic ability for another few years, but they also want to push migration of OSX, so by having a classic layer yet no separate boot support for the newer machines they solve both issues. The early builds of the OSX only classic layer are surprising with 'classic' app performamce exceeding current 9.2.2 .

    anon: oh ya Apples making a digital audio program!
    anon: its going to be for pros
    anon: and work side by side with FCP
    anon: OS X
    anon: Where is it going.?
    anon: 10.2 is looking like a Feb/Mar release. Most likely with the new G5 towers in Mar.
    anon: Its still a housekeeping release. Speed, tweaks of interface, bug squashing, etc.
    anon: But 10.3 onward is where new functionality and features show up. Look for an integrated ability to use the digital hub apps. More customizable abilities of the interface (within reason, NOT SKINS), USB 2.0 support, and better driver support and a few new things never seen on a Mac OS.

    Stock. Apple has realized MacWorld only announcements don't help the financial quarters as they should. So rather than announce every six months, they want to announce every 2-3 months. This keeps Apple in the news, in press, and helps the bottom line by having a 'hot new' product every 2 to 3 months. Just the early adopters alone will boost profits for the given quarter. It makes financial sense.
    nobody: we're all disgruntled apple employees!
    anon: Dual processor will be an option with either 1.4 or 1.8 as a BTO option. The G5 is more complicated to make dual (beyond my technical knowledge to explain why). But its screams with dual processors.

    you know running a dual G5 system is like running 8 G4's at once* 80 gigaflop/sec
  14. Six
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    If you're friends with steve, how about you call him up and ask him what the hell is going on then? After you two have a nice chat, get on macrumors and tell us all about it...
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    Wow, man I hope that guy is for real. If so, whooohhoooo!!
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    He actually called me after reading your post to have a laugh. He said he's just riding the waves, knowing that Mac lovers everywhere will continue buying and then, when he has streched the G4 to it's limit, the G5 will come out and blow the maket.

    In fact, not only is Steve a reg. reader of Macrumors, he is also a poster and uses it as a basis of stiring you guys up since so many people here are gulible as all hell.

    As a matter of fact, why don't I tell you who he is... it's me.
    The turtle neck strikes again.
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    Come on guys, I tried my hardest to write that earlier note in a way so that you all knew I was full of **** and would have a laugh with me.

    Some of you would believe anything if it was posted on one of these forums.
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    Now, back to the G5...

    I really do think that Apple will introduce the G5 with their next PowerMacs. Why? Look at the iMacs. Who was absolutley sure that Apple would put G4's in them? It was mainly speculation, and people were saying stuff like "It would kick ass to have a G4 iMac!" Well, now that Apple has G4's in their consumer machine, they're going to need more to please their pro customers. The only way to do this, is make the PowerMac (baseline) 300 megahertz faster than the top of the line iMac, or come out with a G5.

    I haven't heard much about the G5 from cruising the web lately (macminute, macuser, theregister, etc...) But from what I last heard, It was coming along pretty far in development, and must be nearly ready for release. Maybe Apple has extended their 'veil of secrecy' to the chip department of Motorola, and has the G5 under production and ready for release.

    Now, as for a release tomorrow, I'm beginning to doubt it, but I'm not quite sure what to think. Seybold would be a great place to introduce G5's, but not a great time. That would leave too much time since the intro of the iMac, and Apple may lose out on pro customers. Now, tomorrow would be a great time. I'm sure every developer will still hear about it, and it will please them sooner, and keep them from switching to the dark side...

    G5 or G4, tomorrow or later, I'm sure that Apple will continue to please us, I just hope that they would do it a little sooner...
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    Re: Now back to the G5

    Is anyone else a little bit worried by the fact that the G5 is 1+GHz but the G6 is currently only aimed to get over 2GHz?

    That does not leave much way for speed increases.

    Sure, you can quote me the MHz myth but you can look at one companies MHz and compare, in most cases, they go up significantly on a proportional basis before the next upgrade.
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    if we are into 64 bit processors....or even more by that point....it won't matter.....we'll be way ahead of the game....
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    Well, we can hope, especially since Intel already has a 64-bit.
    I am not saying that the G5 will not kick the **** (I'll add the *'s and save the server some effort - ;) -) out of the P4 but we do have to have a constant foresight further than what we want now.

    I'll just have to trust that Apple would not stay with a company if they thought they would not be able to perform over the long term.
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    But Intel's 64 bit isn't in desktops IIRC, so it doesn't count.
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    .......cause the G7 name is already taken.....the indusrialized nations call themselves the G7
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    madam, or tim allen, you might have tried too hard.....you are in the land of the macrabidfoamatthemouthwewantafasterG6andwewantitnow and the only thing they laugh at are the foibles of the PeeCee world. I thought you were hilarious.....

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