G6 to Be Sharper, Pointier. You won't be able to cuddle th...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 8, 2003.

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    Sun Baked

    Does this mean Jesse James will be designing the G6's case.

    "It's got to look like a weapon." "Scary." "Evil."
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    Actually it means that Mr. Ive will be doing 2 rounds of crystal meth the night before it's due, instead of the 1 he did for the G5.


    "Sharper! I said sharper, you fools! I want to be able to slice deli meat with it!"
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    they are slowly taking away the sexiness of macs, guess photos like these are a dying breed..... ;)

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    mac porn? lol
    in the future only for masochists :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    you mean macoshists.........;)


    a little past half way in the quote......why not go with spherical and pointy?

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    thanks lol, macoshists :p

    Its too bad Victoria's secret doesn't sell errm x-rated items, then apple could do a partnership with for the G6 in Santa Monica :)
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    :eek: must... get... graphite... iMac.....

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    Re: G6 to Be Sharper, Pointier. You won't be able to cuddle th...

    Uh.. Arn?

    Pointy computers, don't tell me Apple's designing a starfish computer...
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    They've gone off the deep end. :rolleyes:

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