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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by daviis, May 26, 2009.

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    Without the original soundtrack, it's not Glaxian. It's a game that looks and perhaps plays like Glaxian, i.e. based on. But, it's not.

    If they're going to use a possibly still copyrighted name anyway, why not the sound fxs? :confused:
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    Yes, i know, and I will add that quite soon (possibly today).
    Any other critics you might have? I can use all the comments :)
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    That would be great! It's in my "wish-list", so I'll be looking forward to the update.

    I need to earn back all those quarters I spent on the original! I always got Glaxian and Galaga mixed up in my mind. I bought Galaga, and, while fun and nostalgic, isn't at all the same as Glaxian.

    (I had a suspicion you were the developer - hope I wasn't to harsh in my criticism :) Thanks for the quick response!)
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    Hi gr8tfly!

    I have added background music and alien sweeping sounds to the game.
    Version 1.1 is ready for review in the appStore.
    I will put a Youtube video of this new version later today.

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    I'll check it out. Hope you get a quick review cycle - I've heard it can be frustrating.
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    I was lucky with V1.0, it took only 10 days (counting the weekend). I heard others had longer times.

    Edit: i have put the sound on/off option both to the music and sound effects, i didnt want to make separate options, i hope it will be OK for everyone :p
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    I found some bugs this week and i had to fix them (the binary is upladed for review), so the review process will take a bit longer, but it will worth it :)

    Istvan David
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    Version 1.1 is on Appstore now!

    The 1.1 version was released today on the AppStore.

    Video of the gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ0D62PfOwQ

    * Background music
    * Sound effects
    * Small bug fixes
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    Galaxians --> StarAttack!

    Galaxians will be replaced by StarAttack soon.

    This is an enhanced version of the classic alien attack on the player theme.
    - three levels of difficulty
    - game sound effects
    - game background music
    - option between classic / extended play

    If extended play is in use:
    - power-ups
    - harder to kill enemies
    - more frequent attacks

    Here are some beta screenshots (the app will be posted on AppStore on the weekend). Let me know what do you think of it...






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