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Galaxy Note 3 to come with better build quality, as HTC One “worries” Samsung

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by iPad5, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 to come with better build quality, as HTC One
  2. MRU


    I call BS!!

    I seriously doubt a 5.5" - 6" Note 3 is getting Samsung worried about the aesthetics of the HTC One. It will follow design cues from SGS4, simples.

    If a rumor sounds like BS, smells like BS..... The chances are .....
  3. iPad5, Apr 13, 2013
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    I guess their pre-order numbers for the SGS4 are far below their expectations?
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    Samsung is leading the Android market while HTC is doing worse than BlackBerry. HTC is the absolute last of Samsung's worries, their real competition comes from Apple, not other Android manufacturers.
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    I think you may have been hiding under a cave for the past few coupe of months. Just go to Youtube and search for a comparison between HTC One and SGS4. The majority of the comments on those videos are praising the HTC One and mockig the SGS4. The tide may have actually turned.
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    I have decided to sell my s3 for s4. I have the international 32gb s3 with the 3000 original extended battery. Then I realized that ill have to pay about 350 euro to get 16gb less, no FM radio, 400 mah less battery and no octa core.

    No thanks!
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    Well that's it then, as HTC's position as a company clearly rests on the opinions expressed in the infinite source of divine wisdom that is YouTube comments, obviously my post based on their actual sales and profit numbers is totally inaccurate... :rolleyes:
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    I think it's a shame that the tech press has almost unanimously appointed the HTC One "the best Android phone ever" based on looks and build quality. Android is all about the user experience primarily and on this front the Samsung Galaxy range wins hands down, regardless of material build. I still rock the original Note, successor to my iPhone 4, which in turn succeeded a 3G, and the reasons why are both usual ones (external SD card support, removable battery, big screen) and ones personal to me (some of Samung's software flourishes do add value in some areas, especially on the S-pen weilding Note range, and the hardware button configuration means many essential functions like web search and context sensitive menus are always available). If the Note 3 is a bigger S4 that'll be cool with me. I loved the design and construction of the iPhone 4 above any phone ever but I barely give such things a second thought with me Note because it is just a functional dirty great worhorse that does everything I want it to. It's fair to say I havent used a One so I wont diss it unnecessarily, but the simplified button arrangement, the sealed battery and non expandable memory gimp the thing even before it's switched on. I dont doubt it "feels good" in the hand, but I see no use in this if the rest of the experience is restricted by HTC's other hardware and software implications. It's all make up and dress and no knickers by the looks of it.
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    I could see the Note III having a better build. With Samsung having to produce as many S4's as possible to meet demand, they went with plastic. (HTC One has a nice build quality but look at their issues with manufacturing and delays because of it).

    With the Note III, since demand won't be as high, I can see Samsung being able to manufacture enough devices while using better materials. Even just a metal band should be enough to give it a premium feel.
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    I somehow doubt Sammy cares about HTC. They're basically a no one right now
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    True or not, it wouldn't hurt Samsung the least bit to start making more premium feeling devices.

    Imagine if the S4 metal bands around the device were actually metal. Why not?
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    The tide has turned? Are you out of your mind? Samsung has nothing to worry about. The One is HTC last chance to save themselves which is never good for a company. The S4 will sales millions and millions and will start to battle with the iPhone. The One will sell several million, but nothing for Samsung or Apple to worry about.

    To the OP I don't think Samsung is worried, but I would not mind seeing them make a phone out of something other than plastic. I think if they decided to do this it would be on there own not because of HTC.
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    and the exact same thing happened last year. Everyone was praising the One X up and down and trashing the S3. So how did that turn out?
  14. MRU



    They may indeed go metal to differentiate the Note 3 further from the Mega 5.8 & 6.3 - but it certainly won't be because of the HTC One despite it being a lovely phone, HTC will be lucky to sell 10% of Samsung's projected 100 million GS4's.... And Samsung & HTC know this.


    Yeah if they had announced the GS4 was metal framed, I may have gone for it without hesitation. Touchwiz and the plastic case put me off.

    Actually someone offered me a Note 2, 32Gb microSD, lots of extra's + €200 cash today to swap for my HTC One.

    Not a bad offer, but the plastic case and Touchwiz made me reject the offer more so than CPU / GPU differences.
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    I think they may start to try a type of metal because they are getting bigger each year, and they can afford to try that.
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    But wouldn't it be funny if Samsung suddenly releases a metal phone? People will lose respect to Samsung.... Many will call them a copycat of Apple
  17. MRU


    On the contrary, they'd be giving a lot of people exactly what they wanted. Chances of it happening are still slim though...

    Are folks saying Apple is copying Samung by releasing a plastic iPhone ? Or is having choice a bad thing now?
  18. torana355, Apr 13, 2013
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    Regardless of the reason it would be a great idea for Samsung to make a more premium feeling device. Even my $400 Nexus 4 feels more expensive in hand then a S3.
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    People can call it whatever they wanted it would just be Samsung making a great phone.
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    Samsung needs to get rid of the cheap plastic.

    I just got myself a Samsung Ativ 500T tablet and I'm surprise the plastic feels even cheaper than my Note 2. Even the s pen that came with Samsung Ativ 500T feels cheaper than the one that came with the Note 2.
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    Yeah... Just like the Note 8.0, it's plastic and yet more expensive than the iPad mini. Dare I say DOA?
  22. bmac4, Apr 13, 2013
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    I would not call the iPad mini great materials either. That has to be the cheapest made Apple product yet it still cost more than most other tablets in that size.
  23. Guest

    The iPad feels a lot more premiun than any Android phone/tablet I've own.


    I think the HTC One is great.

    It tells Android users that they don't have to settle for average looking phones made from cheap plastic like the ones you get from Samsung.

    You can actually have a good looking Android phone with great build quality like Apple devices.
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    The key word is iPad. Yes the regular iPad feels like a great tablet, but the mini is a different story. It really does feel cheap in comparison.

    Sorry I just realized I did not put mini in my original post. That is what I meant.
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    And my iPad Mini feels a lot more premium than any Android phone/tablet I've own.

    Only thing that feels cheaper on the iPad Mini compared to the iPad is the glass. Glass on the iPhone Mini feels cheaper.

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