Galaxy Note II

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  1. cube, Aug 8, 2012
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    My requirements:

    - Fits in a standard shirt pocket
    - Removable battery
    - microSDXC slot
    - 2GB RAM
    - Unbreakable screen
    - Global LTE
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    Don't you think "unbreakable screen" is an unrealistic request?

    Also, I'm interested in seeing what this phone will be like. Phablets are interesting to see.
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    I mean "unbreakable", like in a flexible screen. This does not mean that you can bend the phone.

    This has been in development since quite a while.
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    A Nexus version of this would be the sexiest thing ever.
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    In the link above......

    "The KoreanTimes: The Galaxy Note II will use a 5.5 ultra-thin flexible AMOLED screen.
    The AMOLED in question uses an unbreakable Plane (UBP) and plastic substrate helping it reduce its thickness by 0.4mm. "
  8. Vegastouch, Aug 8, 2012
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    Yep, and the Note II is said to be getting the flexible screen. Dont know how you could break that unless your pour some liquid on it. They bent that screen pretty good in demos.

    Here is one
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    Why would I want a BIGGER screen with LOWER resolution???

    I'll be looking for a good deal on some 720p Android.
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    The LG Optimus G has better than 720p, 2GB RAM, quad core, memory slot, and removable battery.

    Let's see the price and if if it has global 3G and LTE.
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    I actually like the new note, looks cool, specs are good. Just don't get the lower res and ppi. But, luckily the difference is small :)
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    I trust Samsung to be around a lot longer than lg
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    The Note II is an absolute ripoff of the GS3, Samsung should sue.
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    This is one of they few posts that made me laugh. Nice one. :D
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    Orange Furball

    Semi-realistic features

    A 5.3+ display

    Quad core Exynos 1.2GHz+

    2GB RAM

    16GB+ built in with dual MicroSD slot that automatically RAID (a little dream of mine I've had for a while)

    Large battery to retain the same if not better life then the correct generation.

    2MP front camera

    8MP back camera with increased optics

    Available in Pebble Blue, Black, Red, White, Titanium, Amber Brown, and Deep Orange.

    Unrealistic features

    Pure Android 4.1 Jellybean with no bloat

    Non glossy, soft touch back on all colors but white (for dirt management)

    Flexible "unbreakable" display

    Slightly curved glass

    Dual ROM chips, like dual BIOS chips, if you flash a bad install on one, you pop the cover and flip a small switch, then you are back to a stock ROM where you can reflash your corrupted ROM. Remove one aspect of bricking.

    All predictions in this post are © 2012 Orange Fur ball
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    You do know it's already been released? :confused:
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    Orange Furball

    When?! Oh yeah I forgot about the announcement :eek:

    Then I guess the above are requests for my dream phone :D
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    Flexible display is not unrealistic, Samsung is working on this.

    What is this supposed to mean???
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    Well considering that samsung and apple take almost all the profits on the mobile market, i'd have to agree with him
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    yep, samsung takes home almost all the android profits. everyone else is treading water and will probably go under soon.

    and samsung pays of developers so that new android apps will run on samsung phones. sometimes its exclusivity, sometimes to make sure the comparability is there. so there is no more nonsense like skype video not working on a lot of phones
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    Looks like we have a speculative release date of october 21st I'm really excited for this

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