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Galaxy S4 owners

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Southernboyj, May 3, 2013.

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    I just received my Galaxy S4 today. Besides the display, my favorite feature is definitely Air View.

    Besides Calendar, Messages, Gallery, Browser, and Flipboard do any other apps support this feature yet? 1st or 3rd party?

    Thank you.
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    Not sure but I thought of a great use for air view. Like when your eating and your hands are dirty but you want to see a text someone sent you. It definitely is useful for that.
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    How is the eye scroll feature?
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    Silly it is more likely to cause you neck pain more than anything.
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    Most of the "gimmicky" features work really well, I'd say Smart Scroll is the most buggy. It does work but you can't control the speed, etc. I can't really see anymore using it more than just to show the feature off. Air View works very well, so does the "swipe while screen is locked" feature.

    I'm coming from a Note 2 to S4 and I love it. The screen is noticeably better (and I thought the Note 2 was a huge improvement over the S3). You really can't tell that this display is PenTile.

    I own a Retina MBP, Retina iPad, and previously owned an iPhone 5. The S4's display is on par with all of them.
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    Air View was very gimmicky for me tbh.

    I do not see the benefit of hovering my finger over something for a second or two until it recognises that I am doing so before showing me tiny little bit of expanded info that doesn't reveal much more than the shortened before it, I found it just as quick to press the screen, get the info and press back.

    Different strokes for different folks though.

    Smart Scroll is the worst implemented however.
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    How long does the battery last for continues 3g surfing and continues 3d gaming?
    Could someone tell me this?
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    I discovered that you can turn the Info Preview feature off and it'll still work on Flipboard.
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    I hope people know that you can also tilt the device to use the eye-scroll feature...

    You don't necessarily have to move your actual head/neck...

    Just saying.
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    The Game 161

    Think I would use that than moving my head
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    Yes, but it would not respond unless I tilted my head at times.
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    Ah, gotcha. Sounds half baked, indeed.

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