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Gallery of Leopard 9A499 Images

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 5, 2007.

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    That's hawt.
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    Looks good. New yet familiar.

    Lets hope the new functionality is as good.
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    Yeah, they look awsome, and I think that it was time to change up the system prefs icon.
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    Wow leopard looking better every minute.
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    October can't come fast enough :D
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    It must be getting hammered already because it's taking days to load here
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    yeah it is! i can't wait til it's released
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    Can't wait! Given that the iPhone was supposed to be released "in June" and was launched on June 29th, I can only imagine that Leopard's "October" release schedule can only mean Halloween... :rolleyes:

    The waiting is SO painful, but it will definitely be worth it. Please hurry up :apple:! :)
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    I cannot wait to finally get the leopard on my mac!!!!
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    Video Backgrounds

    So I heard that the video back grounds in iChat will not work on a MacBook. It say it does not meat the processor requirements
  12. Gav
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    They're not that good anyway, you need perfect lighting and a pretty plain background, also if you have a chair with a big back (one that goes up to your neck), you'll have issues.
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    I just want to see what iChat looks like, in detail...
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    Wow, the site is hanging on by a thread. Anyone download the screenshots and want to mirror them?
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    has anyone actually used screen sharing?
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    is Podcast Capture a new app?
  17. Pim
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    Guess they should've posted them on flickr or something..
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    ^^ mirror ^^

    Took long enough to download them all, may aswell hopefully speed it up for the rest of you
    and take a load off the WOA servers :)
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    *posting for the last time from Leopard*

    Aperture doesn't work leopard so seeing as I only have one mac I am reverting back to tiger until aperture is working.

    So long leopard you were fun while you lasted.
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    Too bad they had to use JPG instead of PNG. All screenshots look a bit blurry as a result.
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    They would release Leopard on October 32nd if October only had 32 days :D
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    Wow - it's been loading for like 60 seconds... COME ON! I HAVE A 20mbps DOWN CABLE CONNECTION!

    *There it goes. :)

    Thanks mate :D
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    Thanks very much Butters :)
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    Cheers dude - By the rate they were loading, I would have to the last one by about October...!
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    I'm still not totally sure about the new metal look and iTunes-ish buttons. I much prefer the way the white plastic windows look now in tiger except maybe without the pinstripes. Also the transparent menu bar looks nasty IMO but I hear you can turn that off

    I don't know, I just hope they do a little more changing and tweaking still before it's out

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