GAME: Guess this -- idea from Apple Collectors sub-forum

Discussion in 'Games' started by slooksterPSV, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Here are the rules:
    1. You may only post once - you may, however, go back and edit the post so that you can get it right. The first one who I see has it right will get the points.
    2. I will look at times to determine who posted first, yes Edit's have times too.
    3. These things could be in various places of the software of the Mac OS X Panther/Tiger/Jaguar OS. I'm using Panther, so things may be easier, or tougher.
    4. I will post a new image every week (or try too), if its an easy one, I'll post 2.
    5. This will be in the default install of the Mac OS X OS.

    #1: Here we go, what Application is this menu in? BONUS Points for where specifically

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    #2: This is in an App that comes standard with at least Panther and Tiger - Jaguar I don't remember if it had this or not. (Clue I)

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    Address Book/Preferences/General
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    Anonymous Freak

    Well, with the Skywalker Sound Effects, it would be iMovie..... But iMovie isn't standard with either Panther or Tiger. It *WAS* standard with Jaguar, though. (After Jaguar, it became part of the separately purchased 'iLife'.)
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    vniow = 2pt
    ehurtly = 1pt

    Ok I think those were way too easy. I'll either post another group today or tomorrow.

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