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is this idea good?

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    Hi all.
    I have some idea about a quest for tablets. It should look like an old-school McGyver style quest, with the tasks oriented to knowledge of physics, some chemistry, some mechanics, some electrical engineering. Tasks 100% repeatable in real life, no explosives from chewing gum, scotch and pine cones.
    Some examples of tasks - to build hydraulic jack for breaking out door, electrical magnet from wires and nail to get some metallic things, batteries from lemons.
    a quest where reading the tips is much more interesting then playing the game.
    I can see great educational purpose in it.
    Is there any developer, who is interested?
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    Sounds like fun but:

    1 - How exactly will the game work?
    2 - Are you sure you can keep it realistic? IE, I don't think much exciting stuff can be done with the electrical power stored in a lemon, can it?
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    1 - I see this game more similar to First person shooter, without shooting, but using the objects.
    2 - I think, it can be realistic enough. If in the end of the level you find that you can not unlock your car, because the battery from remote is dead , the power of the two-three lemons is exactly what you are looking for. To unlock the car and get in.
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    ... how much prior experience do you have? If you've never made a game before, I strongly suggest setting your sights far lower. I have played around with Ogre 3D + Blender (which I highly recommend if you want to make an app with 3D graphics,) but I've never gotten anything up to production quality... I get the idea that making a basic dogfight game that people might pay some money for would take an individual developer around 2 years to make. It would take a duo around a year to make, a trio 8 months, and so on... it takes a lot of man hours to make 3D games. Meanwhile, it takes about 1/10th as long to make 2D games of similar quality.
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    True, true...
    It doesn't look like I can make a game of that level. I have made a very simple game with cocos2d - but it was so much crap, that I didn't published it.:(
    For my point of view, it can be done with UDK. Of course, not by me.
    How do you think, is it real, to write a screenplay for game and sell it? Or better just to share idea, and may be some one will pick it up?
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    I'm probably not the best person to ask given how little I've actually released, but I feel like just teaching yourself about the tools you'd use is a good idea... Like, nevermind my time estimates, I've never actually published a 3D game before. I feel like the easiest/cheapest way is to use Ogre 3D as your engine, blender as your modeling app, and GIMP for skinning your models. All three are free and there are a few plugins available that make them work together like they were meant to be used together.

    If you abandon it before you finish, well, at least you tried, right? You'll have a bit of experience with 3D games even if you never finished one which might lead to you being on a team that actually makes a game someday, right?

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