GameBoy Advance SP

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by StarbucksSam, Nov 21, 2004.

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    I'm not sure if anyone on this site would buy this, but it's at least worth a shot.

    I have a used (barely) GameBoy Advance SP in excellent condition with charger. It's the "flame" (red) color and I'd be willing to let go of it for around $70 plus a flat $8 shipping anywhere in the continental US.

    There is nothing wrong with this - I have kept it very well.

    Games may be available too if you're intersted, otherwise they go to my little brother.

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    I am hereby lowering my asking price to $55 US + 8 shipping.

    Any takers now?

    I did not realize the MSRP went from $99 to $79. This opened version is your way of saving about $24 and there is no sales tax.
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    how does 20$ sound? :confused:
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    Hmmm... very nice offer.

    I will be back with my cash soon. :rolleyes:
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    That is purely insulting. This item is in near PERFECT condition, barely used, and comes with the original charger. It retails for $79. I'll let you have it for $50.
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    $50 is very very reasonable.

    I'll check back soon.
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    I have a tentative deal that comes with a hard case.

    $50 for the unit + $10 for east coast shipping.

    If anyone has an offer that is better than that and they wish to close it immediately, they get it.

    Games also for sale @ $15/per.

    MarioKart Super Circuit
    Pokemon Sapphire
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    Pending deal fell through because potential buyer has this lined up as a Christmas gift from a relative.

    Unit is still available. Item is near mint. Games are included optionally @ $15/per. Hard case is included with unit IF purchasing any game.
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    Yeah sorry. :(

    Damn mom, I didn't even put it as a gift I wanted and you got someone to buy it already! :confused: :mad:

    But please, bids, bids.
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    It's not a problem at all. I understand completely. Hey, at least your Mom is on the ball. Well, someone else might want to buy it, right?
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    I just want everyone to understand the value of this deal.

    The GameBoy Advance SP unit retails for $79. Mine is near mint @ 50.
    The Pokemon Sapphire Game retails for $35 (I think). Mine is pre-owned and working perfectly for $15.
    The MarioKart Super Circuit Game retails for $30. Mine is pre-owned and working perfectly for $15.
    The MadKatz hard case retailed for $10. Mine is FREE if you purchase any game with the unit.

    That's a $154 value for only $80 as a lot or a $79 value for only $50 for just the unit. I'll split the games or whatever. Please post offers.
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    damn continental US only
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    I'll do AK/HI for an extra shipping fee.

    Note: Contacted user who is not interested - item is STILL available.
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    Files are too large to post. Please IM me or PM me to request pics.
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    Doctor Q

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    If you have a photo that is too large, you can open it in iPhoto and then use the Export menu choice to save it scaled down to whatever size you like.
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    I'd post it if the quality didn't suck so much - they don't really do it justice.

    Just so everyone knows, I have an official offer for $50 for the unit and $15 for MarioKart but that will not process until Wednesday.

    I have another interested buyer who may choose to do this on Tuesday and beat the other offer.

    If anyone wants it IMMEDIATELY you'd better hurry.
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    I have three interested buyers. Two have tied offers, and one has a lower offer. Right now, my best offers:

    $65 for unit and MarioKart, shipping not included
    $80 for unit and both games, shipping not included (not yet official offer)
    $75 for unit and both games, including shipping (not accepted)

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