Gameboy Emulator for iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MmmPancakes, Jul 20, 2005.

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    Check it out here :

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    Sounds pretty cool. However, I am not daring enough to put this on my iPod- I'll just stick to playing my tunes.
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    Can't wait to use my extra ipod photo as a crappy version of a $50 gameboy.


    but seriously, this would be cool to see
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    if that comes out im really going to want a new ipod with a color screen
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    Linux for iPod doesn't work yet on color screened iPods. That may be why...
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    does this mean the ipod photo can really play videos? Is it just lacking thee hardware? I can imagine if you can get an emulator to work get it to play videos wouldn't be that much harder... :confused:
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    Ipod Linux works for all versions of the iPod if you use the Nightly version of it. I have Ipod Linux on my 4g Ipod and there are screens shots of people running it on their IPod photos. The iPod Linux team have even managed to add video support to the iPod. Currently it has to be an uncompressed AVI and there is no sound, but it shows that you can do it.

    I think everyone is miss understanding, but the gameboy emulator they are currently working on is just for the original Gameboy; not the Color or Advance. So it really wouldn't matter if you had an iPod with a color screen or not. The guys working on it say they have Super Mario Land running at 70% so maybe in the next few months they will release an alpha or beta version for everyone to try out.
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    Why do you need an iPod Photo for black and white GameBoy games?

    I've got a 2nd gen iPod I'd like to run this on...
    (or at least one I could steal from a close relative...) :D
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    IMO, the psp is showing more promise in the area of emulators than the ipod.
    The snes, genesis and turbografx emulators on the psp work pretty well in my experience. Besides controlling Mario with the ipod click wheel is not my idea of fun.

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