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Gamecube for sale....

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by krossfyter, Sep 21, 2002.

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    Since my roomate has a Gamecube already Im selling mine. I have some games with it so If you want a Gamecube and some games make me an offer.
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    I might be interested...what games do you have? Also, what accessories/controllers/memory cards/etc. do you have?

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    alright cool. i have super smash bros, spyhunter, rouge squadren and pikmin.

    i also have 2 controllers with it and 1 memory card.
  4. TEG
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    How much would you part with it for??

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    hmm i dunno whats a good price? i mean ... one can get a new game cube now for what.... 150? its used so ill go for 125 i guess... but i do have one extra controller with it and i do have 5 games with it... about 45 bucks a game 50 new... so...

    whats a deal to you where im not getting jacked here and you are not getting jacked?
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    Gamespot.com prices:

    Pre-owned GameCube w/ 1 controller and 1 game: $129
    Super Smash Bros. Preowned: $42.99
    Spy Hunter Preowned: $37.99
    Rouge Squadren Preowned: $37.99
    Pikmin Preowned: $42.99
    Memory Card: $7.99
    Controller: $14.99

    The are also offering a Super Smash Bros./Rogue Squadron/Free Game controller package for $99

    So given the current free game promotion, looks like the total retail value is $270.95.
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    rockin then. thanks a bunch for that.

    270 then. anyone?
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    its still for sale!

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    I'm **** poor. I'll take it for a dollar. With a dollar you can dial 10-10-220. All calls up to 20 minutes are only 99 cents and 7 cents a minute after 20!
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    haha thats funny.

    still for sale guys...

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    dude thats a rip off

    at my local game store they have a deal where you get the game cube 2 new games and 1 extra controller for $99.99
    the store is called supr software
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    really okay .... go buy one then.



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    any body else wanna step on my grill?

    i got a full can of whoop as* inspired by legendary alpha tech for ya.

    keep it cool dawg.

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    Did you ever sell your GameCube? I'm selling my XBox and looking to buy one if the price is reasonable.

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