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Gaming on a mac?

Discussion in 'Games' started by aznatari, Aug 3, 2002.

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    for all of you gamers who have a mac, what are some worth-playing titles i could pick up for my mac out of either first person shooters and some sports games?

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    For FPS, get Unreal Tournament and Star Trek Voyager (and the expansion pack), you might try out Quake or Doom, but I think the first two games are better. Also give Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Medal of Honor Allied Assault a shot (or three). Soldier of Fortune 2 is great on the pc and should be on the Mac soon (if not already).
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    Star Trek Voyager Elite Force that is. I think it's better than Quake III. All I need is a good mac sound card. Any help that's under $200 and works with OS X. Maybe with Jaguar's Core-Audio.
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    get a pc for games, dont bother with games for mac, they suck. so many better games for pc, get yourself a pc and get some 5.1 surround sound and you will be set. but if you dont have apc i agree with the other peopl on the games
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    Ensign Paris

    Anyone here like Reckless Drivin'? Ok, maybe its not 3D but its a kickass game :)

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    Re: pcs

    You couldn't be more wrong there Bubba...

    UT ROCKS on any current Mac system, even on a TiBook (I should know, I've played it on mine :p). Oni also ROCKS on the Mac, which I played on a G4 500 (AGP) and had NO problem at all with it.

    Also, many of the new games that are on the pc are also being released for the Mac.

    Don't let the number of games fool you, there are many on the pc that are NOT worth the cost of a blank cd. You occasionally find a few gems among the crap, but you really have to dig (at times).

    BTW, aznatari was asking about MAC games, not what your addled brain thought of a game system...
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    I think Q3 is actually better than UT...UT just seems more..stupid..i don't know why but it does..
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    I like Unreal Tournament, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Expansion Pack, Quake III, and Alien vs. Predator. With plenty of memory, even on Mac OS X, they're good. If you have a G4, they run smoothly.

    They're all getting kinda old these days. Wanna see UT 2003 soon. :)
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    Re: pcs

    Just curious, but why are you posting this in an all mac forums? Are you an idiot? Go somewhere else and post your PC propaganda.

  11. job
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    No One Lives Forever is also a great LithTech engine based shooter.

    Aliens vs Predator 2 should be out soon too.

    Red Faction was an alright shooter. It had some pretty cool in-game physics.

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