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"Gapless" as criteria for intelligent playlist?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by c-Row, Nov 4, 2007.

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    Is there any way to exclude tracks in an intelligent playlist that are from albums which are marked "gapless" in my library? It doesn't show up in the dropdown menu.

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    The only way I think you can do this is to add a comment such as "Gapless" to the Comments box. You can then set up a play list to have only tracks where Comments contains "Gapless". It's a hassle to set up but will work once done.
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    You can also set up custom genres to accomplish what you want

    The default genre tags are almost completely worthless to me. So many of the artists I like deliberately cross genres or create fusions of several genres.

    For that reason, I've devised a custom multi-attribute genre tagging system, sort of like a dewey decimal system for iTunes.

    First, every track gets a decade designation (00s, 90s, 80s, etc.), then one or more genre attributes (blues, r&b/soul, jazz, country, bluegrass, gospel). Artists that cross genres simply get more than one attribute tag assigned to their tracks (this also allows nice track level granularity).

    The decade is when that track was first heard, not released - they can be vastly different. I add the remaining tags in alphabetical order.

    For example:
    Diana Krall = 90s.Jazz.Vocal
    Grateful Dead = 70s.Americana.Psychedelic

    The point is, one of my custom tags is "PG-13," which I use to exclude tracks with questionable language or cover art from certain playlists (for example, certain Frank Zappa tracks just won't do in certain social situations). You could do the same with a custom "Gapless" tag.

    The advantage of genres vs. the comment field is that you can readily see the genres in the default view and re-use them (with auto complete); Comments will always be just free text.
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    ^ Good God! How many songs do you have?
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    around 10K (give or take a 100 or so)

    All with cover art too!

    The genre tagging thing doesn't take very long. Just pull up the info for a bunch of tracks that all get the same tags and do them in bulk. Takes a few hours tops.

    I admit... it's a sickness.
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    If I'm ever in your neck of the woods maybe you could open up sharing and I will lurk outside your house for a couple days. LOL
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    Guess that's the closest to what I am looking for. I already suggested a keyword system for iTunes like it is already used in iPhoto, but I guess that won't be included in iTunes in the near future.

    Isn't there some kind of mail account at Apple one can send suggestions to? :)
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    Support for custom genre tags is pretty good

    I'm guessing the reason Apple might not (ever) change the current system is because so many song files are encoded with simple genre tags like rock, disco, etc.

    The most annoying thing for me is that I can't nuke the default genres. BTW, don't try it. If you delete the default genres from the library file, iTunes will get really confused and nuke (!) existing genre tags each time it plays a song file. I did have some success just specifying null values for default genres, but it's hardly worth the trouble.

    My kingdom for a persistent customizable genre schema. In the meantime, the current capabilities are more than sufficient.


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