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Garageband Multitrack Recording???

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by ebook, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Okay, I've started to dabble in recording with Garageband lately, and I had just figured out some stuff to put together a VERY small setup, but... then I realized that Garageband now has multitrack recording capabilities. So, I was wondering what I would need to be able to record multiple tracks at the same time. Really, I would be happy with 2 tracks at the same time, but more is always okay. I guess I was just wondering what equipment i would need and how much said equipment would set me back.

    On a side not, if that seems to be to expensive for me I'll go back to my plan A. Which is a small mixer for preamp, verb, etc... then into the computer. Right now I have an iMic, but would there be something a little more suited for coming out of the mixer and into my computer? Thanks for any help.
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    there are a number of multi-channel converter boxes that would allow you to multitrack record without having to submix channels on the way in. such boxes tend to offer configurations such that the number of channels are powers of two (2, 4, 8, 16). naturally, there are all kinds of options, features and budgets. some have built-in mic pre's, others are just converter boxes.

    how many simultaneous record channels are you looking for and what's your budget?
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    Well, I guess at this point I would be satisfied with 2 or 4 channels. With two channels I could at least plug in a guitar and then mike the guitar. With four I guess I could do a bit more. As far as price goes I guess I don't really know what to expect. As always the least amount of money I spend the better, but I don't know how low you can go in this area.

    If it ended up being to pricey I guess I would stick with my first plan. Thanks for any help you can give me!!
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    Great, that is some information that I was looking for!

    Also, have you or anyone else seen one of these http://www.alesis.com/product.php?id=37? I found these searching today and I was wondering if this would work with Garageband. It seems pretty cheap, but it might work for my small ideas.
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    This does not look like something you'd use for multi-track recording. It is a mixer that akes four channels down to a stereo pair and then put the two channels of stereo into ther mac via USB.

    I think what you want for use with GB is a device that takes each mic and routes it to it's own track in GB. Four mics, four tracks. The point of this is that later you can mix it. With an external mixer you mix in real time and can't change it later.

    Also the above device is USB 1.1 I'd expect some serious audio "lag"
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    i have that alesis mixer and it works great with gb. But, no multitrack though.

    Also, watch your power supply for hum. You might want to plug them into 2 separate outlets. (laptop/mixer)
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    Thanks for the info jazzkids. I think I'll probably end up going with the FireBox then. Good reviews, small form, and 2 track recording capability.
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    if you're getting that, there's probably a ground loop. as you said, 2 outlets would work, but you can also try getting rid of the ground on the plug.
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    Alesis usb multimix to iMac

    I have just bought an Alesis usb multimix and plugged it on my iMac via usb port. After a couple of weeks I've start hearing a hum when listening to music from the computer through the mixer. The hum became louder and louder every day, so I've checked all the connections and tested the devices separately until I've realized that if I use another usb port it works fine. Basically in three weeks I've ruined a usb port (only for sound transmission as far as I can see).

    Have you ever heard of it? Do you think I can safely start using another usb port without fear of damage that one aswell?

    Thanks, Luca
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    The alesis firewire model works as individual channels into your computer (ie: NOT a stereo mix). Get the firewire model, not the USB model. Then you can have many XLR and other inputs in.
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    But lets say you have a live set up with a Yamaha o1v96 can you record multiple tracks into garageband through midi and still mix later for like making a cd or somthing

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