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Garmin Etrex Vists GPS and many extras.

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by MacBandit, Nov 4, 2004.

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    Garmin Etrex Vista hand held GPS. 24MB of memory, built in Compass, and altimeter.

    Comes with: Wrist strap, PC interface cable, Auto power/PC interface cable, auto mounting bracket, and Garmin MetroGuide USA mapping and navigation software.

    IPX7 waterproof. Shock resistant. 12 Hour battery life.

    I've had this unit for about 3 years and have used both while driving and while hiking/camping. It's a good little unit. It's very accurate and for when there's too much tree cover it has a built in compass that allows you to point where you want to go and then plot in a distance and mark it on the map. The screen is very high resolution and has great detail. It's in excellent shape with only a dusting of rub marks on the screen that you can only see if you hold it up to the light and look at it edge on with a reflection.

    Low retail for the unit is $220. The software retails for $100. The auto mount is $30. The Auto/Data cable is $40. Total $390.

    I'm looking for about $250 for the complete setup. At this point though it's whatever it goes for on eBay. Happy bidding.


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