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Gateway releases new product lineup today which includes a n...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 11, 2003.

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    looks just like the dell dj

    isn't it the same button arangement and barrel scroll? so much for dell's claim of out innovating the iPod. Lot of suckers will buy it though.
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    The "DMP X20," eh?
    How long before people start referring to it as the "Gateway DuMP"? :D
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    yeah no mp3 player thats come out looks as cool the iPod
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    Still too pricey, Come on Gateway, knock it down to $200!
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    The only real competition is Sony PS HH. But the battery life seems to be a huge problem.
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    Are you talking about Sony Vaio's new portable video/music player?? It will be released in Japan in another two weeks and will be priced around $750 bucks. The US will not see this device until maybe around spring or summer time of next yr. Also I doubt battery life could be all that good on it. Also would you pay $750 bucks for the new sony MP3/Video player? Maybe if it was Apple but not a Sony. Also they said you can buy some optional equipment in Japan for it. Anyhow by the time tax gets added to it that sucker will be around $800 smackers.
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    Yep. but only because my dog was sick this morning ;)

    Thanks for posting the pic
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    gosh are you KIDDING me???
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    No, what I'm referring to is the Sony handheld Playstation Portable. The only downside is that it doesn't support AAC; I would sell my iPod in a sec but then I realized that no one company could ever make a better music player then Apple, so I guess I'll have to have both :). There's plenty of room for both and they'll drive each other past the "innovation" limit they would have normally set for themselves.

    Sony Handheld
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    40 GB iPod just came in.

    Wow, awesome upgrade (wife inherits 10 GB 2 gen) firewire is definitely reaching limits bandwidth, took close to 40 min to load 6000 songs to it. I am hoping 4th Gen uses Firewire 800.

    As for the gateway, meh, it's a fair approximation of the iPod in terms of specs on paper. Cmon now, apple nailed it good in 2001, and two years later this is what people are still bringing to the table?
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    *few* That was a good laugh.

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