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Gateway trying to be like Apple?

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by MOFS, May 13, 2003.

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    Look at this site!


    You can see the headlines now:

    COWabunga dudes - my TV just crashed!

    What are they gonna do? Beige TVs? Or maybe some with cow marking?:D

    Look at the factory as well - not quite Cupertino eh? I hope to dear God that Apple's HQ is not multicoloured.
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    I'm glad to see they are doing bad, but I indirectly supported them by buying an 18.1" LCD of theirs off eBay.:(
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    Re: Gateway trying to be like Apple?

    Yeah, damn thats one ugly building. It seems that apple are the opposite, they have a beige building with multicoloured computers and gateway have a multicoloured building with beige computers....
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    Sounds like they're on the long road to bankruptcy. What a shame:)

    Didn't they make an all-in-one machine that looked just like the iMac, then deubt a TV commercial with their idiotic rip-off machine jumping over it's own inspiration?

    Good riddence to bad rubbish...
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    Sun Baked

    Will Gateway Survive This?

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    I dont like Gateway's products, but I certainly don't want to see people lose their jobs.
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    Yeah, Gateway's ripoff of the iMac was the Profile. Even a PC magazine went so far as to rank the Flat screen iMac a better value than the Profile. I believe Gateway has an ad out now with the heading: Rip, Burn, Respect. What a crock! I hope they file for chapter 11. The bastards.
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    gateways gonna die....yay!!!

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