GBA & DS Games $22.99 @ CC [6/4/06]

Discussion in 'Games' started by Moshiiii, Jun 4, 2006.

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    Greetings ! :D

    Some GBA & DS games were on sale today at Circuit City for $22.99:

    Ice Age 2 Total Meltdown (GBA)
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters (GBA)
    Final Fantasy IV (GBA)
    Tetris DS (DS)

    Super Money Ball Touch & Roll (DS)

    Great deal, I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy IV and would have gotten Tetris if I had my DS Lite by now. Can't wait to start playing Final Fantasy IV, gotta beat drill dozer first :p.

    Final Fantasy IV.jpg
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    I'll run down later today and try to pick up Tetris :D Hope my local one has the same discount.
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    It ran in the paper, so most likley its all us stores.
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    Send me FF and Tetris. PayPal only ;)
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    Please! Don't make me go back out into traffic :eek:
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    I'm serious too! I'll pay postage and item cost, maybe a little extra if you're nice ;)

    $22?! £11. Tetris and FF are both going for £30 here.
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    :mad: You're making me feel bad. Circuit City is a good 1 hour away from my hous :(
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    I got Tetris for $22! Sweet!
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    I got stuck on Drill Dozer for a few hours today and took a break to read Final Fantasy IV manual. I didn't play it that much when I had it on the SNES, but I'm ready to re-visit it!
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    I think I paid $29.99 for FFIV last Christmas. I haven't had a chance to play it yet either... first Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones got in the way (awesome game), and not Zelda: The Minish Cap! Eventually I willl get to it.

    Just picked up the Final Fantasy I & II cart for $15 (used) and now I'm just waiting for them to release V & VI so I can have a near complete set of the old series! (Dang them for moving FF III to DS! heh)
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    I was thinking of doing this too,there great games & I dig the art work on the gba boxes.
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    Anybody know if this is still going on?....i would love to pick up Tetris DS...


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