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GeForce 4 Ti on QuickSilver

Discussion in 'Games' started by admiraldennis, Aug 19, 2002.

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    I have an 800Mhz QuickSilver G4 with a 4x AGp slot that came with a stock GeForce 4 MX graphic card. Since I have a 17" Apple Studio LCD Display (awesome, by the way), I need to run games in 1280x1024 (its native resolution), or they look crappy. Trouble is, a lot of games run slowly at this resolution unless i turn the graphics pretty far down. Is it worth it to get a GF4 ti? They are kinda pricey... so my next question is: Can i put an (inexpensive) GeForce 4 ti for PC into my mac somehow? If it was possible, I'd be a very happy man. :D
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    It wouldn't be my first choice to try to use a PC version of the card. I believe that some are compliant with having the flash ROM updated but others aren't. You might check http://xlr8yourmac.com/ for information.

    You'd probably want to wait if you're going to pay the $399 to buy the ATI Radeon 9700 instead of the GeForce 4Ti since they may both be that price.
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    Also, during PC tests, the 9700 was, in many cases, twice as fast as the 4Ti. If you are paying that much money, why not wait and get the next gen. graphics card. It should be out by the end of the year.

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    Re: GeForce 4 Ti on QuickSilver

    What games are you playing that require so much from the graphics card?

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    does anybody know the memory and core clockspeeds on a mac GF4 Ti?
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    I did research when the Apple board became available for purchase and everything matched up with the 4Ti 4600. So, whatever its specifications are should be the same.
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    I have looked into that, and it seems to be a great card. I'll wait for the 9700 and get that most likely.
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    Yes, but will the 9700 have an ADC connector. It might come with DVI and TV-Out, like the PC version. Apple might make an OEM ADC version, or for CTO, but don't forget nVidia will soon be coming out with a new Ti 5 or something. It could blow the 9700 out of the water, the way the 9700 does the Ti 4.

    Soon... we'll see.

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