Geforce 7800 in a G5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Dancemad, Sep 28, 2009.

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    Hey all,
    Just bought a new GeForce 7800 AGP card to replace the Geforce FX 5200 in a 1.8 PowerPC G5. Shared a power output using the splittler which was sent with the card (split it with the disc drive in the above bay). The card seemed to fire up with the blue lights but I didn't get any video output. Tried both of the connections on the 7800 to no avail. Am I missing something here? Supposedly this is a MAC card as well. You can see it at

    Thanks in advanced.
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    You bought an overpriced piece of someone else's work from those Circus Clowns at Applemecanix.

    They didn't write the ROM, nor do they credit the folks who actually did, yet they are happy to take your money for a bad card.

    BTW, the card you bought is actually a 7800GS that they have "remarketed" into a 7800GT. It has 16 pixel pipelines versus a true 7800GTs 20 and is down a vertex shader as well. There are more lies in one of their ads than the average political campaign.

    The only 7800GT ever made for an AGP slot was a Gainward Bliss and they are mighty rare. You paid for a rare and special card. You just didn't get one.

    Return it for a replacement or refund.
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    Do you have any advice on where to get a good card?

    And thanks for your response.

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    The best card for an AGP G5 is an agp 7800GS. The card you bought is in fact an AGP 7800GS. The 7800GT was for all intents and purposes, a PCIE card. (ie, suitable for generation of G5s AFTER yours)

    There are several other sellers on Ebay with them for much less money. Look for someone who has a reasonable record for making those cards, and a reasonable price. There is at least one seller per continent.

    Better deals can usually be found from private sellers who are parting out their G5.

    If you have access to an AGP PC with DOS, you can make that card for about $80. Requires time and patience to do a little research
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    Is it possible that I do not have an AGP G5? The fx 5200 I took out had a different pattern in the slot part of the card than the 7800 had. However, it did fit in the without a problem.
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    There was no FX5200 in a PCI-E G5 so you definitely have an AGP model.
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    I just found out that these guys sent me a non flashed card. I also lost a hard drive after putting this card in. Could this card have caused the HD damage. It was my backup drive in the upper slot.

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