GelaSkins Custom Skins for iPods, MacBooks, iPhones

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by MacRumors, Jan 16, 2008.

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    GelaSkins is showing at Macworld, offering their custom art skins for their MacBooks, iPhones and iPods. They showed how the vinyl adhesive comes on and off and won't wear out over time. iPod covers come with fronts and backs, and they also offer matching iPhone wallpapers. The artwork is original and outsourced to a number of artists.

    Pricing ranges from $12.95 to $29.95

    More images available in article

    Article Link
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    Aw, no Jamie Hewlett? But they do have Ralph Steadman. Very cool.
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    Got one these things while at Macworld yesterday. There sweet!!!!
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    I never thought a case on my iPhone was ideal so I put a Gelaskin on back and Crystal PowerSupport on still looks great 3 months later!
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    this is pretty cool. may have to pick one of these things up myself! :)
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    I have one on my iphone, wife's laptop & ipod love them.
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    fear and loathing

    my friend has the gonzo one from fear and loathing.
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    They look awesome. I think I'm about to get the mario and luigi one for my iPod Video. It looks awesome. And the screen is slightly messed up so it goes with the theme.
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    Finally some skins that are made to fit my 4th Gen. iPod!! I don't know which one to pick though?
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    This looks really cool, something I might actually put on my apple stuff.:cool:
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    These are very nice, one of my mates picked some up for his iPhone..

    only thing that puts me off them is that they don't show the awesomeness of the glowing apple logo on the back of my macbook :(
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    Pimp My Laptop

    I love these guys too:

    Being a designer myself, I enjoy the fact that I can upload my own design.
    Who's not a fan of custom laptops? :)
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    Yeh these are great I use them to doctor on white 4th gen 40Gb pods when I tire of the pristine look. They turn ipods into avatars du jour...

    See this is why we are not really going to have a full recession. Zillions of us are still out there buying skins for iPods and cases for iPhones and different earbuds and speakers. The FedEx guy has to deliver them... has to stop for fast food... the fast food clerk has to buy gas... and a lottery ticket...

    Or else maybe this is just how we're not going to NOTICE we're in a recession.
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    What are some of the best sites you guys know of for getting skins for laptop/phone/ipod? I can't seem to find any good ones...
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    Hey over at we are doing 10 Weeks of giveaways of the GelaSkins Ipod overlays. We review all types of tech products and then give them away. The review will be posted sometime tomorrow and the giveaways start this week. Not trying to spam but at least wanted to let everyone know about it.

    UPDATE 03/03/08
    The Gelaskins Contest giveaway this week is Red Robot

    The new Gelaskins for this weeks contest / giveaway is SteamPunk. Check it out.


    Also to find out more about the artist and his work visit the post. There is also a link to a free PDF download of his children's book Future of Eden.

    BJ the Lab Monkey

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