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Discussion in 'iPod' started by TranceNW, Sep 9, 2009.

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    What are these Genius Mixes and how the hell do I create one? :confused:

    Thanks :D
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    mixes will create you different mixes for you:

    such as:

    hip hop one
    alternative one
    punk one

    I had to stop genus and reupload all my information for them to show-up.

    A lot of the new features are hard to get to work in itunes 9 :mad:
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    Sky Blue

    Store > Update Genius
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    I see, I cannot find them anywhere. Where are they supposed to be?
    I think I need to do what you did, how do I go about that? I tried unchecking genius in preferences, applying and then rechecking it but it hasnt seemed to have worked. :confused:
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    That's done it! Thanks a lot :D:D
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    Thanks! Worked for me too. Would be nice if it did this refresh automatically.
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    so basically a mix is just based off a genre instead of a particular song? and it just plays limitlessly instead of having a finite playlist. Is that the difference between mix and the old genius?
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    yes, nothing really to rave about me thinks
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    Is it even possible to create your own? I can’t find a way...
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    I WAS the one

    store > what? help me here Im trying!
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    Yes. They're just called genius playlists. The ones you make yourself are called genius lists. iTunes manages your Genius Mixes.
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    It's kind of a disappointment IMO. I only listen to hip hop and every mix it made is just named Rap Mix 1, Rap Mix 2, Rap Mix 3, etc.... So it's basically just like throwing shuffle on. Guess if you listen to a real variety it will be nice.
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    That's what I thought of at first. But this is more like Apple's answer to Pandora/Slacker services.

    I think it'll come in handy in the car since it's quicker than making a Genius playlist and closer to just listening to a radio station.

    Especially for long drives where you run out of songs in a Genius playlist and have to refresh or make another one.
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    First of all, can you do this on your iPod? Will my Genius Mixes load up onto my iPod touch?

    Secondly, this reminds me a lot of the radio feature in GTA: Vice City. I've got the hip-hop on right now for my library, and I've already gotten Eminem, Beastie Boys, and now Tupac with Dre; really cool stuff.

    I didn't get my hopes up to high for this event (too much else going on), so I'm enjoying some of these new features.
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    Well what I find disappointing about Genius Playlists is that they’re only 25 tracks, and then they stop. Genius Mixes just keep playing, so I was hoping you could create your own too.

    Hey, at least you got those names. Mine are literally just “Mix 1” “Mix 2” “Mix 3”… etc. If you look at which artists each one is based off of, you can probably figure out more closely what each mix will be like, since “rap” is pretty broad.

    Yeah, it’s part of the 3.1 firmware, although it’s been beyond buggy on the iPod for me. They’ve been crashing like crazy, and every time they do, the album art images get all screwed up. After the first crash, the images for Mixes 7-9 were replaced with the ones from Mixes 1-3. Then next time it crashed, all the art got bumped up one and Mix 1 was the only one correct (so the art for 2-9 was what used to be 1-8…and this was after 7-9 had already been messed up, so at this point the images for Mix 1 were also showing up on both Mixes 2 and 8, etc.)

    Also, every time I switch from a Genius Mix back to anything else, repeat is always switched on. Kind of annoying.
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    Create a smart playlist with all of one genre in it them. Of course you know you can make a genius list go 25, 50, 75 or 100 songs long, right?
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    Genius Mix is actually pretty dumb in my opinion. i have 6000 hip hop/rap songs on my computer, but non of the Genius Mixes is of the rap genre. in return, i have 5 separate rock mixes, 2 pop mixes, 2 movie score mixes (i don't even have that many movie scores.), 1 r&b mix. and there's no way to configure it or expand the number of mixes i want.
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    Haha I’d forgotten that. But still, what if you want to go indefinitely? I don’t want to the the genre thing, because I don’t even use the genres, as it’s always so subjective and imprecise. None of my tracks have anything in their genre tags. I want to be able to use the intelligence of Genius. Basically all I’m asking for is for Genius Playlists to be able to go on indefinitely.

    Also, I think it’s a real shame that Genius Mixes can’t go through iTunes DJ.
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    Do you have infinity songs?
    I don't think you quite have a grasp on how this thing works...
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    Well Genius Mixes go on indefinitely, don’t they? Party Shuffle (excuse me, iTunes DJ) goes on indefinitely. Sure, they repeat eventually, but I’d like to at least have the option to do that with a station I create myself.
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    I’d forgotten that since I usually only make genius playlists on my iPod. Is there a way to do it there that I don’t know about?
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    You need to broaden your musical library.

    Seriously how many rap "songs" can you listen to before it all blends together? 3? 4?
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    I’ll agree that he should broaden if he only listens to one genre, but don’t be too close-minded yourself. There’s some good and varied hip-hop out there. Don’t think what you hear on the radio is all there is. That’s just pop rap.

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