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German kids try to elope to Africa to get married.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by swiftaw, Jan 5, 2009.

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    LOL that's a little young...

    Don't they know the opposite sex have cooties?
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    That's adorable, in a "thank God no one was hurt" kind of way. :D
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    That's pretty cute, here's to a very loooooong engagement. ;)
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    That was fun story. We need more of these. :)
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    What the heck is a "lilo"? :confused:
  7. JNB
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    OK, who didn't say, "Awwww!" :D
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    Not me. Was I the only one disturbed by this?
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    The legal age in Guatemala is 12 years. Can they stay engaged for 5 years? The boy looks like a "playa", and the girl......well......
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    Nope, your not alone.
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    Lilo is a uk / european? name for a air mattress inflatable bed you take on holiday to lie on in the pool or on the beach.

    Nice story :)
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    What a wonderful story :). Just wait till their 21sts!
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    That is a cute and funny story..

    It was destined to fail though. What would happen when suppertime came ? :p
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    That makes much more sense than this:


    I tried to look it up but could not figure it out. :eek:
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    i couldn't figure it out either ... why not call it air mattress in the first place

    and it's an entertaining little story for sure (and ridiculously funny written "plan foiled" "lovebirds", "consoled them with a free tour of the police station")
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    Because it's called a Lilo.......... ask anyone here and they wouldn't know what a 'Air Mattress' is..... :)
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    Oops double post.
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    Those kids had it all so well planned out. They even thought about sleeping arrangements. I'm not even sure if I'm that organized now! I'd probably end up sleeping in a mound of dirt, sweaty from the heat, possibly naked, and with a bottle of port.
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    I think it's quite cute that the two imagined/planned the whole thing.

    However, I would not refer to five- and six-year-olds as "lovers." Can we stick with "sweethearts" or "best friends" or "co-children"? Because to me "lovers" implies a certain genre of activity that gives me hives when paired with the phrase "seven-year-old sister."

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