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Get MBA or iPad?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by cramazing, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. cramazing, Jan 14, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2013

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    So I have this Lenovo T430s for work, it has great specs, but the graphics on it is just terrible, especially since I have a 15" Retina display MBP for personally use.

    I am now debating if I should sell the Lenovo and either get a 11" or 13" Macbook Air or the new gen iPad. The machine I use for work will mostly be for Outlook, and maybe some MS Office stuff, but mostly for Outlook. I dont carry this machine to work as I have a desktop in the office, this device mainly stays at home, and once in a while to a business meeting or when I travel.

    The reason I got the Lenovo was to learn Windows 8 a little bit and also have both Mac and Windows machines at home, but after 2 months of use, the Lenovo is just undesirable.

    Here's my spec on the Lenovo.

    ThinkPad T430s - 1 Year Topseller Express Depot Warranty
    Processor: Intel Core i7-3520M Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz)
    Operating System: Windows 8 Pro 64
    Operating System Language: Windows 8 Pro 64 English
    Display Type: 14.0" HD+ (1600 x 900) LED Backlit Anti-Glare Display, Mobile Broadband Ready
    System Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 with Intel Core i7-3520M Processor
    Total Memory: 16 GB PC3-12800 DDR3 (2 DIMM)
    Keyboard: Keyboard (Backlit) US English
    Pointing Device: UltraNav multi-touch touchpad & TrackPoint with Fingerprint Reader
    Camera: 720p HD Camera Mic
    Hard Drive: 180GB Solid State Drive, SATA3
    Ultrabay: DVD Recordable 8x Max Dual Layer, Ultrabay Slim w/ SW Royalty for Windows 8
    System Expansion Slots: Express Card Slot & 4 in 1 Card Reader & Smart Card Reader
    Battery: 6 Cell Lithium Battery T81+
    Bay Battery: 3 Cell Ultrabay Battery
    Power Cord: 90W AC Adapter - US (2pin)
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 with Antenna
    Integrated WiFi Wireless LAN Adapters: Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN
    Integrated Mobile Broadband: Mobile Broadband upgradable
    Language Pack: Language Pack Win8 US English
    Microsoft Productivity Software Preload: Microsoft Office Home and Busi
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    Get an MBA and install Windows on it for your Outlook needs. You'll thank yourself.
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    If you already have a MacBook Pro with Retina Display, I think the MacBook Air would be somewhat redundant.

    If mail is all you use THIS device for, I'd say go with the iPad. The Retina display would be fine compared with your MBP and it's a little lighter to carry than the MBA (although not by much). The battery will also last longer and you'll have less redundancy in your lineup of devices.

    I hope this helped. Cheers.
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    the only reason i wouldnt get an iPad is because I want the Outlook features, something an Ipad cant give me
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    What about a surface?
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    i thought about that but i really prefer an apple product.

    if i stay with MS, i would just keep my lenovo
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    Get a MBA... It's an elite netbook(if you want to even call it a netbook). Past 2 years, I use it for work with MS Office & a couple other needed programs, in meetings and at home as it is very portable with great battery life. So, it really is best used for a travel laptop(deluxe version).

    The next-gen iPad will be a total new redesign, so you may think of that as an alternative, but I believe if you need a lot of MS office for work, the iPad still may not be your best bet.

    I personally have an iPad & a MBA, and carry them with me pretty much everywhere when needed, all while weighing practically nothing, but I can do so much with so little battery needed. For my own sake, it has been my favorite Apple product since my BlackBook.
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    the macbook air will have that same terrible display...actually it will be worse than your current one
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    MBA over iPad, but maybe you should just give your Lenovo another try?
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    really? the lenovo has a nice graphic card, but their screen is just horrible.
    watching a 1080p video is like watching something in the fog.

    Ive had a classic 13in MBP before and while its not retina display material, it was the best screen ive seen before the retina
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    Michael Goff

    MBA have the ULV processors, they're less powerful.

    Also, the MBA is always going to have the 1440x900 resolution.

    I love my MBA, but looking to it to watch 1080p is a bad idea.
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    I'm looking to get this for my windows laptop or just wait for the haswell ones. The screen is the major draw...1920 x 1080
    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus+-+...231&skuId=6906246&st=asus ultrabook&cp=1&lp=1
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    i dont intend to watch any videos on the Air, i have the RMBP for that, what really bothers me is when i have to stare at that Lenovo screen for a long period of time it just hurts the eye, i can look at my retina display bm and even my classic one for an hour and never really have a problem
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    Michael Goff

    I have to mirror what somebody else said, looking at the uses of your computer.

    You should check out the Surface, it's good for all sorts of Windows things.

    Also, if the Lenovo is undesirable... you can send it to me! /jk
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    I think I have deicded to go with the Air.

    Now im wondering if I should go with the high end Air 2.0ghz 8GB i7 or go for a base 13" Pro w/ Retina??
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    Since you have a 15" retina MBP, having an air or 13" retina MBP is overkill IMO.

    I would wait until March for the new iPad to be released. You won't regret that.
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    The T430 screen is just terrible. It looks like a laptop screen from 2002. Band angles, bad colors, backlight bleeding.
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    Hmmmm.... MS trademarked the word 'Windows' and then petitioned that the term 'App Store' was generic and shouldn't be allowed a trademark. Then they go and name their next product 'Surface'. Did they trademark the word 'Surface'?


    Are you using Outlook to access your work e-mail? If so, does your office have a web-accessible version of Outlook? My place of work does and I access it using my iPad (and pc, and mac). We have the original iPad and the iPad mini at home and use both all the time. For travel though, the mine will go on the frequent short trips and both on the longer vacations.

    That said, since you have a MB Pro, why not install Windows on it and sell the Levano outright? You probably don't really need anything new.
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    my 15' Retina is for personal use only I paid for this machine, the new machine i am getting is for work only and it is being provided by my company, to use at home for Outlook, to use to carry to the office, meetings, business trips, etc

    it would be overkill for sure if i was to buy these machines for myself.
    But i cant put any work stuff in my personal computer as they monitor everything i do with it


    its so bad because they are anti glare and also matte.

    my 2000 Dell 700M has a better screen than this 2012 machine.

    Lenovo made these screens for "office environment with dim lighting. but even in the office the screen just sucks
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    What does this have to do with the conversation?
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    iPad vs MB Air? Simple, MBA is a computer, the iPad is not.
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    This seems like a simple enough question:

    do you want/need a new computer, or are you looking for a tablet. My opinion is that if you plan on doing any work with it, then go with the computer (MBA). If you are looking for a media consumption device, then an iPad will suit you well.
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    Absolutely nothing:D I had a couple of windows open and the comment was meant to go with the story about the Amazon app store story. Microsoft petitioned the court saying App Store is a generic term and shouldn't be tradmarkable unlike Windows and Surface.
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    For productivity, creating content an 11" MacBook Air is a great compliment to your rMBP. Productivity trumps redundancy.

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