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Get this &$^% cover off!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jcoop, Jun 1, 2010.

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    So my new/old MBA (you know, the one that guarantees that there will be a substantial update introduced next week) arrived today. It's in a hard plastic shell. The shell is orange/rad and hideous, and I don't care for the added weight/bulk in any event. The bottom comes off easily. The top does not. It looks like there's a plastic strip inserted into the area of the hinges. The seller's suggestion ("pull up easily on the sides near the hinges") accomplishes nothing. I really don't want to destroy this computer (and I'm especially concerned about the already-fragile hinges). But I also really want this shell gone. Any thoughts?
  2. gri
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    Wait for next Monday...:p
    (Sorry, couldn't resist)
    Maybe gently warm it up by putting it into a warm room or briefly to direct sunlight (switched off) so that it softens a bit up?
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    Firstly, LOL.

    Secondly, that sounds like a good idea, and would explain why the bottom came off much more easily ... after all if the bottom was the problem you could just turn it on a while and it would heat up :).
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    Have you tried to look online for directions for installation/removal of the cover? Did the seller disclose the manufacturer/model, etc?
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    How about a hair dryer to heat up the tacky substance probably holding it on.

    Can you look for instructions for the cover? They will probably have information on removing the cover.
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    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I haven't heard back from the seller yet (in fairness, it's only been a few hours, and it's a workday). But, impatient as I am, I've gone online to try to figure out what it is. It's not a Speck case (those have a logo), it's not an iPearl (those have fold-out feet), it's not an Incase (those have vent holes on the bottom). My fear at this point is that it's one of the no-name shells sold on eBay. The bottom, at least, seems reasonably well made--it has rubber feet, and there was an obvious place to grip and push to remove it. The top--well, it's snug. Getting frustrated--it's definitely killed whatever new computer joy I might have experienced.
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    Well, maybe by the time you get it figured out, I will be using my v 3,1 MBA. LOL... joking.
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    The littel black hinge cover is a lift & slide... but you need a heat gun to get the display apart. Sucks. Good luck.
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    Maybe put a photo on here so we can get a better idea.
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    Thanks for the suggestions and comments, folks. The plastic cover is now off, and without destroying the screen or the hinges (I think). I'm back in the world of MBA users.

    I do worry a bit about the effects of the plastic external case, as well as the protective film the previous owner put on the wristpad and the touchpad. Between them, they would have impaired heat dissipation, wouldn't they? In any event, all seems well at the moment.

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