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Get Tooble, download YouTube vids

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Looks good, but not as good as TubeSock...
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    The Tuck

    But, TubeSock isn't free.
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    Tom B.

    It worked great for the first three videos I tried, but now it will not covert past 80% for anything. :(
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    Tube TV is a free alternative :)
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    That app is uber-easy to use .. :D
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    All you need is Quicktime and Perian

    Converting those low-res YouTube Flash movies to Quicktime (h264 or mpeg) makes the quality even worse. I prefer to collect the Flashs as they are.

    You should get the free Perian codec collection to play Flash movies in Quicktime. [1]

    To save Flash movies in Safari you don't need any extra software.

    - Just open the YouTube page of the video you want.
    - Open the Activity window (alt-cmd-A)
    - Find the address of the video. The file size is about 500kb to 2mb.
    - Select and copy the address (cmd-C).
    - Open the Downloads window (alt-cmd-L).
    - Paste the video address (cmd-V).

    Then the download of the video will commence. The video will be in your standard Safari downloads folder.

    [1] http://perian.org/
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    Is there a tool or technique for downloading the h.264 versions used on iPods?
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    I don't know if there is a tool like the one you request but I guarantie you that with www.TubeLeecher.com you are able to download youtube videos with only one click. Try it if you don't believe me !!!

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