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Get true digital audio (Toslink/coax) from your iPod with iL...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 27, 2006.

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    meh....if audio fidelity was really a big issue we wouldn't be using ipods (relatively poor quality source devices) and compressed audio files.
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    The only way you could benefit from that is if you filled your iPod with uncompressed .aiff files or maybe the Apple Lossless format.
    Even then: $2,349?

    And what of this "RF transmitter"?
    Wouldn't that completely negate any of the benefits you might achieve from the higher quality output?
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    Chef Medeski

    80GB.... thats good for something like 600 CDs in Lossless. There is no other device that allows you to select between 600 CDs for that price so effortlessly. For the price its outrageous, but you have to realize there is no real alternative at all. So, it make for a very slick high fidelity system.....
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    Well... given that you're tied to a powered dock anyway, wouldn't an extra Macbook + Airport Express + DAC make more sense?

    The only actually unique application I can see for this is with those audio-ultra-nerds (who probably couldn't tell the difference in a blind test between their mangle of cables + boxes and the headphone output of an iPod anyway) who carry 'portable' headphone amps and DACs.
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    Chef Medeski

    Really Good Point. I didnt notice that. But yeah. Actually forget Macbook. You could buy an old G4. For like couple hundred bucks with an Aiport Express and be good to go. Actually you would need a DAC for the iPod dock too. So really. Its like Maybe $1000 for a good G4 plus Airport Express.
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    Me? 548 CDs, 176.32Gb, all lossless. I have to maintain a separate 256AAC library for the iPod.
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    Yeah. Remember the MSB product isn't a DAC in itself so you'll need a DAC as well as the iPod + iLink. All the package does is to provide a wireless conduit for the digital signal to propagate to the base dock, and the base dock presents a digital interface.

    If you don't want a laptop as your 'remote control with display' and you want something iPodlike and handheld as a control + a digital output base station, you can buy a Sonos system. *Two* ZP80's (giving digital output to 2 locations) and the iPodlike Sonos Controller is still $1K. Add a NAS for totally computer-off operation and you're still at ~$1500.


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