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Getting 10.8 on PowerMac G5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by reubenatour, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Hi was wondering if anyone can help me get 10.8 on my recently aquired PowerMac g5 its model is A1177 dual 2.0 with 2gb ram and 1tb hdd. Currently has 10.5 running.

    Thanks R
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    10.6 and up are intel only.

    I'm afraid it is impossible.
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    If you would do a back read on numerous threads and posts here, you would know that it is not possible to install 10.8 on a powerpc based mac. The latest OS that you can use is 10.5 Leopard.

    10.6 Snow Leopard up to 10.8 Mountain Lion is for Intel Macs only.
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    As the others have said, it's impossible. Apple switched from the PowerPC chip in 2006 to the Intel chip. That made any PowerPC Mac incapable of running anything higher than 10.5 because 10.6 and above are written for the Intel chip. Apple even changed model names to note the change. MacBook and MacBook Pro, instead of iBook and PowerBook. MacPro, instead of PowerMac.

    Hopefully you did not buy your new PowerMac G5 thinking that you got a very good deal on a relatively modern Mac with the intent of running Mountain Lion on it.

    P.S., before you ask, it is not possible to drop an Intel chip into the logicboard and get what you want. PowerPC and Intel are two different architectures.
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    Lil Chillbil

    Hi you must be new here, Don't listen to Rabidz7 if he tells you that you can put 10.8 on a powermac hes kinda the village idiot of macrumors

    I am just glad its not me this time :p
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    He is the court jester on PowerPC forums.. Sure, the OP can also try to install when it comes out, 10.9 - by then we all will be able to take advantage of the PowerPC's full strength, NOT!

    Rabidz has this fascination of seeing ML, Lion, and Snow Leopard on a PowerPC Mac.. It just ain't gonna happen! Leopard is End of the Line unless a nice PPC Linux distro is around.

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    This time...
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    memory, hdd, gpu would all work.
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    Its ok I only paid £100 for it and it came with a flat screen.

    Might have to boot to Linux. Or re sell and get a iMac
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    Yeah you are going to have to look into installing a Linux version for PPC. Unless you are happy with your current Mac OS which I assume you are not since you asking about upgrading.

    These Linux distros probably your best options from what I have read on here.

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    I tried Debian Squeeze on my G5 and it worked well. I'm fine with Leopard as my G5 is not my primarily machine, but only a data server (yes, any NAS would be better in term of power consumption, but anyway it would still be on when I'm here so...) and a development machine. If I had to reinstall Linux on a PPC Mac, I would install Debian again. So, Debian works well if you want to try.

    Btw. For Mountain Lion on PPC. You *could* maybe run it through QEMU, but it would be slow as hell due to i386 emulation. And well, the default QEMU build doesn't support Mac OS X EFI boot. So, you must "hack" the bootloader to support Mac OS X. In all case, the best answer is that it's impossible... Anyway, the best G5 wouldn't be fast enough to emulate an Intel processor for OS X.
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    Lil Chillbil


    There are several other factors preventing mountain lion from ever running on powerpc
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    Thanks eveyone. I'm probably going to sell it and get an iMac. The new ones with Intel CPUs as much as I love the look of the g5. Need 10.8 for adobe suite cs6.
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    Just a note, you can run Adobe CS4 on the G5 (I use it at work on my G5). Unless there's something in CS6 that you use that CS4 doesn't have.
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    Suppose cs4 isn't too bad just a shame because cs6 has all the good stuff
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    LOL! I'll have to trust you on that. I don't own any Intel Macs and there are no Intel Macs at work. So, I've never used CS6.

    Lovely advertising pictures though. :)
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    As someone who uses CS6 nearly daily and has used CS4 a ton, unless you need some of the new features (HW acceleration, 3d support in PS) CS4 is more than enough for most people (hell CS2 is more than most people can handle). The only reason my primary machines are intel is because of Lightroom.
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    Not gonna happen. The newest Mac OS you'll ever run on a G5 is 10.5.8.
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    What are you looking to do on it?

    You may find that some slightly older versions of Mac software allow you to do most everything you need.

    I see you want to run Adobe CS. The absolute core features most people use are on CS1. Don't fall for Adobe's hype that you need the latest and greatest. I run CS6, and TBH were I not on a Mac that didn't support it (My G4 died a year ago), I'd be running CS3.
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    Use linux. It will be much faster and more secure.
  21. Wildy, Mar 27, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2013

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    He said he needs to be able to run Adobe CSx. The only way to get that running under Linux is Wine - which is not feasible on PowerPC.
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    Feasible is a word rabidz7 hears a lot. Sound advice is not his forte.
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    I think you read the wrong message, you were quoting wildy. WINE is a no go on PPC Linux. Fortunately there are a lot of alternatives available on Linux and are still being updated. I use GIMP for photo editing, bluefish for web design, and Inkscape for vector graphics.

    However there are limits. GIMP is by far the closest thing to photoshop I have used that isn't photoshop. Inkscape will be familiar to an illustrator user. I haven't found anything that comes close to Dreamweaver for web design though, has anyone else?
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    While it's a gross assumption, he said he required Adobe Suite CS6 which, given the price (and also assuming it's not pirated), seems to suggest it is for professional-level work. Going from Adobe CS to FOSS offerings just isn't appropriate for this kind of work.
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    In all honestly I think if the OP is enquiring about how to get Mountain Lion to run on an 8 year old machine that he only paid £100 for it's not very likely that he's then going to go out & spent £600+ on some software.
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