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Getting a PS3 tomorrow!!!

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by asxtb, May 11, 2007.

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    Really excited, I'm getting a PS3 tomorrow!!! :D It will be the first time since the Super Nintendo that I'll have a 'current/next generation' console. I have a couple of questions....

    Is there any reason to get the 60GB over the 20GB model? I don't play multiplayer and feel I really have no need for the Wifi. And I'll only have 5 games at most so I really don't feel like I need a large HDD. And no need for all the memory card stuff. So other than that, any reason I should NOT get the 20GB model? Is there any aspect that I'm missing? Also are there any accessories I need? How necessary is the remote for the DVD player? etc...

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    1) If gaming is your primary interest, I'd seriously consider getting a 360 instead. Selection on the PS3 is pretty sparse at the moment.

    2) Wireless was the only real reason I sprung for the 60gb model. If that and the lack of HD space don't bug you, then the 20gb should be fine. If (BIG if) you can find one.

    3) The remote is extremely handy for viewing Blu-ray/DVDs, at least in my experience. Since the PS3 has no IR input, it won't work with a universal or Harmony remote.
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    i have a 60GB model (only avail here in Aus) and i cant find any reason to have a 60 over a 20. Did hear there are a few hacks to dump .avi's on there but thats it. Its pretty cool, but has some rendering issues. Blows the ps2 out of the water. Have been addicted to Tony Hawks 8!
    enjoy it!
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    Thanks for the replies.

    To Gloss: 1. Actually all the games I'd really play are already available.
    2. I believe the 20GB is still available in Japan.
    3. Thanks for the advice. I will be watching a bunch of DVDs on it since the current DVD we have has been acting up. So I may just pick up a remote as well.

    To MacKitten: Never had a PS2 so really can't compare. Just from the few times I played a friends PS2. Tony Hawk 8?!?! Can't believe it's been that long since Tony Hawk 1. :eek:
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    The only the game makes me want to go out there and get a PS3 is F1 Championship Edition. I would go out there and get one if Apple doesn't update their MacBook or MacBook Pro lineup this coming WWDC. I need a new Mac but I want a PS3. It's a dilemma situation. Good Luck on your purchase.
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    Aha, I didn't even notice that you were in Japan. Different situation entirely, then. The PS3's still kind of a shakey bet in the States, but I think its future in Japan is, at the very least, more of a sure thing.

    It's a beautifully engineered console, but the software support over here is pretty lousy. I basically just use mine for Blu-ray.
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    Thats what they said about PS2 as well.......its future is certain, but the titles are a bit slow to come out right now.

    Sounds like the 20GB model will suffice. Hope you enjoy it(PS3) as much as I do. ;)
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    if i wasn t saving up to get an imac by the end of june or july i would soooooooooooooooooooooo buy a ps3 right now......congrats man enjoy it..
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    I think he was referring to just the 20GB model, aren't those gone in the states?

    asxtb, if you have the money for the 60GB then I would go for it. Even though you're not interested in wireless right now, you might be in the future, and the bigger the hard drive, the better I say. :)

    I'd go with the 60GB model just to future proof yourself if nothing else, you may find yourself wishing you had wireless at some point down the road.
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    Oh...... :eek:
    I do know Sony announced that they were phasing them out.
    (as demand in the states for the 20GB was very low)

    I am not sure whether that means they physically pulled them off the shelves though
    (I highly doubt it)
    My assumption is that they will let stores deplete their stocks and send any already produced units to stores/regions that still have somewhat of a demand. But AFAIK production has stopped for the US.

    If you ever want to buy a PSP, the wireless interactivity in some games will be worth it. And you may find a use for the card reader sooner or later.
    (saving videogameplay, copying it to SD, and taking it to a friends house to show them)
    Anywho, like I said, you will probably be fine with the 20GB model, but like others the 60GB is more worth the purchase.
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    This was BS spin on Sony's part. I never once saw a 20gb model in stores, and my friend who worked at EB for years said that their stock was almost entirely 60gb models.

    The loss on the 60gb models is less than the 20gb, and so Sony intentionally underproduced them. Then they use 'less demand' as a rationale to discontinue the model entirely. It's all marketing and spin doctoring. If you HAVE a lower-end model, you can rightfully say that PS3s cost $499 and up. You don't necessarily have to make that cheaper model easy to find. Once it's fulfilled its role as a marketing tool, you can get rid of it. This is exactly what they did.

    And I dunno about the PS2 comparison, but the PS3's library, both current and until the end of the year, looks painfully weak.
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    Heavenly Sword
    Little Big Planet
    The Darkness
    Ratchet & Clank
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    Battlefield: Bad Company
    Golden Axe
    Assassin's Creed
    The Eye of Judgment
    Monster Kingdom
    Heavy Rain
    Grand Theft Auto IV
    Mercenaries 2
    The Getaway
    Army of Two
    Time Crisis 4
    Final Fantasy
    War Devil(TBA)
    Guitar Hero
    Eight Days(TBA)
    Unreal Tournament
    Not to mention all the Sports games.
    (football, soccer, baseball, tennis, racing, etc.)

    Or the arcade games like SuperStarDustHD, and Calling All Cars.
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    Only a handful of those are exclusive, and many are unproven. Sony's got some catching up to do before they'll be able to compete legitimately with the 360.
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    exclusivity doesn't really matter for PS3 owners........these are games to look forward too.
    Granted the exclusives may help one decide which console to buy, but after that ALL these NON-EXCLUSIVE titles are relevant.

    You may have trouble deciding which platform to buy a non-exlcusive game for(if you have multiple consoles), but these are still games to look forward too regardless.
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    I'll agree with you there. But I'm more worried about the PS3's future as THE console, as the PS2 was. If they can't secure some major exclusives, there will be absolutely no real reason to buy one over a 360 other than Blu-ray. And as it stands, the 360 has more major exclusives both available and in the pipeline.

    Plus it has a far superior controller.
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    Well, I just read a lot of opinion, but saw no fact to back that up.
    That must be why IGN gave PS3 the Best Exclusives Award......and also why everybody wants an xbox 360 in Japan.

    If game exclusivity is all you look at when buying a console, then more power too yo, but that is far from fact or truth with every other consumer's decisions.

    I wonder how many users Microsoft got purely because said users merely hate Sony.

    asxtb is EXCITED about his new PS3....help keep him excited about it, because there is much to be excited about!

    [EDIT] don't get me wrong, this is not a direct assault or accusation gloss
    But it seems that quite often when someone announces they have just purchased a Sony console there are at lest one or two users that have a doom/gloom post.
    "I hope it lasts.....good luck because I was disappointed......take it back and buy a wii......etc."
    Ironically, you don't really see that in any of the I just bought a Nintendo/Microsoft console thread.
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    For the record, I own a 60gb PS3, and am merely jealous of my friend's 360. Beyond Resistance and Motorstorm, neither of which strike me as worth a $60 investment, there's little on the console that's truly exemplary. The 360's got Gears of War, Crackdown, Viva Pinata, and on the horizon are Bioshock and Mass Effect. The only games I'm really looking forward to on the PS3 this year are Assassin's Creed and GTA IV - and both of them will be available on the 360 as well. Not to mention that Devil May Cry 4 and (possibly) FFXIII have both gone multiplatform.

    So I paid $200 extra for a console that has, at the moment, fewer quality games than the competition. At least Blu-ray is a consolation.

    The situation in Japan, of course, is different, so there's not as much reason not to make the leap.
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    fyi - Your friend has already spent just as much, if not more on his 360.
    and again, your opinion of the upcoming games in no way/shape/form reflects their actual "fun" factor.
    (or overall success/failure rate)

    I listed 32 some-odd games there and the exclusive are most definitely worth the purchase!
    See I can do it too. ;)
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    And he has three controllers and five damn good games to show for it. I've got a PS3 with a remote and a downloaded demo of Resistance. Don't make stupid parallels.

    I'm looking forward to playing something truly great on the PS3, but it's worrysome from a business perspective for them if their console costs significantly more (which is does) but does not offer a large number of significant exclusives (from a critical or popular standpoint) to match. We'll see how things are in a year or so, I reckon.
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    wow...more opinion - my parallel is far from stupid, but thanks for the insult. :rolleyes:

    my "stupid" parallel:
    PS3 more initial costs, cheaper long term costs.
    360 more long term costs, cheaper initial costs.

    I guess it may be stupid, if you have problems with math(or something), but it makes perfect sense to most.

    please show me the SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE of owning both consoles over a two year time period?
    (if you want to just count start up costs, you have already lost)
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    PS3 = $600 + $60 per game.
    360 = $400 + $60 per game.

    That's a $200 delta. Even if I buy three more controllers and 15 games it's still a $200 delta.

    I think you're the one with math problems.

    My friend's spent more on his 360, but he's also got a hell of a lot more to show for it. The PS3 does not have any 'cheaper long term costs', unless you're using that to refer to Xbox Live, which is ridiculous because the PS3 doesn't currently have anything that even approaches it.

    The only reason I'm not completely peeved about my PS3 purchase is because I actually make use of the Blu-ray capability.
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    wow...look at the brilliance, you only gave me initial start up.....so, where's the long term analysis?

    (which is more expensive long term)
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    Show me your long term analysis. I'd love to see it.

    Explain accessories? And the PS3 HAS NO EQUIVALENT TO LIVE. So you can't even draw comparisons. Live is the single best online system available, and nothing the PS3 has at the moment even holds a candle. Once Home releases and doesn't suck and remains free, then you'll have an argument.
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    Wow...thats a big list, a big list of which most won't see the light of day this year..or come on other console.

    I know you like the PS3, but when you have to mislead people so much, is it really worth it?
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    I think what Coded-Dude means is that the 360 would cost more if you were to match the PS3 feature for feature. The 360 would need a $200 HD-DVD drive and a $100 wireless adapter.

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