Getting accessories before I get my 3G = Insanity

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by boss1, Apr 3, 2010.

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    This is my therapy thread.

    I just wanted to put that out there. And anyone who is also waiting on a 3G who can relate. Getting my Case, keyboard Dock, and not having an iPad is going to drive me nuts!!! :D
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    You will be the only person you know without an iPad for the next 3 weeks. Learn to accept the shame of your condition and seek solace by buying a ****load of apps. Me, I'll carry my empty case around trying to look cool anyway.
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    im waiting for the 3G version. ill give anyone a stink eye if they trying to rub it on my face with there wifi version.
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    I've already spent $200 in apps , and all I can do is stare at the preview icons in the iTunes window wondering. :eek:
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    Buying Apps and Accessories pre iPad is a bad idea. In the next few weeks new and potentially better versions of both could come out. Also you can likely find some better bargains after the buy,buy,buy fever subsides in a couple of weeks. Buying now is just falling into the "pack mentality" and guarantees you will pay the highest price for the lowest selection.

    For me (also waiting on the 3G) I'm only buying free or free for now Apps and no accessories until I can get a better deal and/or selection.
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    WTF...the only person he knows? I think most people here will be the only person they know with an iPad. Do you live in San Francisco or something?
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    Your probably right on the price part.

    But most of the apps I bought are big brand apps, that have been top sellers in their categories for quite some time. Or just really great software developers on the Mac side that are porting over to iPad.

    "Keynote, Numbers, Pages"

    etc .
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    Yes but since they will be the same price a month from now why not keep that money invested right now inserted of letting Apple and the developers use it.;) If you just bought one share of AAPL and it keep going up the way it has for the last few weeks you could easily buy an extra App or 2 on he increase.

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