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Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by vomer, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    So I was testing out iOS5 Beta today and to my surprise it lets you setup your @me account on the first setup screen.

    Also, it seems like there is a limit to register 3 accounts per device but I have found a workaround for this.

    Making this account gives you access to all the sync and mail capabilities but there is no access for webmail ( You can only get emails on the phone for your registered @me address.

    Just thought I should share :)
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    There will be no MobileMe (i.e. no web services like the ones currently on for @me addresses created through iCloud.
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    probably a stupid question

    is it just a standard imap account it creates ? so it can be viewed in any mail client
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    rick snagwell

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    Can you share the work around to create more?
  6. vomer, Jun 14, 2011
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    Got @me email working now on desktop/mail clients! Just need the right settings :)

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    rick snagwell

    my post 4 days ago could of helped u
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    Help with mobileme please.

    My wife and I share my mobileme account so it keeps our Ical and contacts, bookmarks etc.. all up to date. Im not sure what to do now that icloud is coming out. When I signed into IOS5 it asked me to put me me address in as my apple ID, I did but now it tells me its already in use. So I decided to try and give her her own me acocunt. I then noticed that you can no longer set up any new me acocunts.

    Does anyone know what will happen to our me account email address? will they stay the same? Will we have to change them?

    Any advise from anyone on how to handle the issue above?

    Any info would be great......
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    There are a lot of threads on this subject. Of course a lot of it is guesses. There is some documentation on the developer site you may want to read. I think the answer to your question is that you will be able to UPGRADE your MobileMe Account when they are ready.

    In the mean time you can not use your current MobileMe Account for iCloud address. It says this on the dev web site. It does say how you can migrate your MM now to a NEW address if you want.

    Regarding you and your wife sharing. What about email. My wife and I have unique MM but we share our iTunes Account ID for shared Music and Apps. I did create a Shared Calendar which we can both update. However, we are not able to Share a Contact File. There are other ways to do that. Your wife could create a New iCloud for her and her own address. Once she is setup you could add her iCloud to your phone but only Sync the Contacts (and Calendar if don't want to Share one) and I guess Bookmarks if you both use the same ones. On your own iCloud you could Sync everything (Mail, Calendar, Contacts etc). I did this with my Google Accounts where I would only use Calendars from that Account.
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    For those of us without full ADP access, can you post a link for migrating existing MM info to a new iCloud address please?
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    I think to use the Dev Web Site Links you have to login.

    However, if you do a Google search for this you will find a couple of sites that I believe talk about it:

    "how to copy data from mobileme to icloud"

    On site link is:
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    It would if the link worked :confused::D

    Anyways no harm done!
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    This worked great! Is there a similar way to get the contacts to start syncing with address book? For instance, if it's in CardDAV format, what would be the server address that we log in to with our new iCloud/@me account info?
  15. Nielsenius, Jun 19, 2011
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    If I were to delete my current MobileMe account (it's about 60 days old), and get a partial refund, could I then re-enstate my old address through iCloud? Obviously, iCloud won't accept my current address because it is linked to a MobileMe account, but if that account were deactivated could I start using that address on iCloud?

    Edit: Dumb question. I'm just gonna wait.

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