Giant Pixel Art piece I'm working on

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Dagless, Apr 5, 2006.

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    It's taking me an age to do this! probably take another week with adding the pixel details and such. Addictive as hell all this. I haven't done real pixel art since December when I finished the artwork for my game. Maybe it's just me. but I love pixels :)

    C&C? taking into note the description on Deviant Art.

    EDIT: and you have to look at it zoomed in. The thumbnail image is a miniscule bit of the full screen size (1680*1050)
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    Looks cool - let us know when finished! But for now, allow me to ask a stupid question: what *is* pixel art, if not exactly what it says on the tin?
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    Damn purists! :p

    Photoshop is your friend:)
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    in a nutshell it's an image where the artist places every pixel down themselves. no aid of anything, really. just a mouse and a palette.

    I used to only make pixel art for my games but doing so has just opened me up to a fairly forgotten art form.
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    woah. now I understand what it is, it makes it pretty impressive. I find it hard enough to draw with a pen and paper - so you don't even make a scan first and "fill it in"? From memory as you go along is a toughie!
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    It's not "strict" pixel art though. I'm not using dithering - never liked it, both making it and looking at it. I'm not limiting myself to a palette and I'm using a bit of transparency. A sort of modern day pixel art I suppose...
    anyways. just added a watch tower, deepened the woods. gonna get some more guys in later :)
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    What software do you use?
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    Opensword's Pixen! It's ok, crashes out more times than I'm happy with but it was free. And Photoshop to lay everything out in. Pixen stutters with a pic over 128*128px so I'd imagine it having a heart attack at 1680*1050.
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    That is very cool, you should've been around in the days of the SNES, you could've made a very decent living with your pixel art.

    Friends don't charge you $649.00 for their company :D
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    oh no nonono. Back then you had even better pixel artists. When it became a forgotten art form nobody did good pixel art pics for a long time. Look at OCS Chaos Engine graphics. They managed to get an entire semi-photo looking scene in 32 colours way back in 1991. They were gods. Have a lot of respect for them.

    Here's one of my much more traditional pixel art drawings.
    Though it was never fully finished :) the water needed so much doing to it.
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    Bit of an update.
    I've replaced the moon with a giant "planet skeleton" style thing. Darkened the sky, added in torches on the ground, added a watchtower with an extremely beefy looking cannon on top. It's all good. I just wish I didn't have any coursework or Lost to watch else I'd steam right ahead with this!
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    Um, where's the anti-aliasing? :p :D

    But seriously, nicely done! Pixel art has its own charm.

    I'm also a member on DA, but I barely have any work posted there.
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    The AA is going to take aaaages! I can't wait. Thinking I'm going to try a new technique where I don't AA inside an object, but AA it against its background.
    Have this killer idea of a mortar launching off a missile into the sky with a stream of smoke being blown back. I love trying to get physics into pixel art stills. however strange that sounds.
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    Awesome...I love pixel art. A couple of years a go the two person design studio I was a part of sent out a birthday card that I created using an animated pixel art. It may be painstaking and move really slowly, but it really is addictive.

    I know it pales in comparison, but:
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    Mad! I've never been much a fan of Iso pixel art though. I pixelled my bedroom in Iso once. many ytears ago!

    Another update; I've always LOVED pixelling water. Especially water falls. I've got a water tank that burst ontop of a hill so it's pouring out water near the base in the image. I'd show a preview but Green Wing is on in a moment :)

    All my mates are saying I have way too much free time :D I haven't even begun texturing and AA yet!

    I named the file "lifes work" which it will probably end up being at this rate!
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    Thats smart. I have a couple of mates who do that stuff but on paint.
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    Mike Teezie

    Damn impressive rj, I love it.

    I'd love to have a desktop image when you get done, if you are going to release it.
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    Ok we're getting there. slowly. just started work on the clouds too.

    Pixel War update 2

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