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Giga Designs Announces Cube VRM and 1.6GHz Cube Dual Process...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 21, 2005.

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    I loved my cube but I'm glad I was able to sell it for for 700$ before the Mac Mini was announced. (lucky shot)
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    Actually this is cool as all heck! I'm impressed, but I'm curious about exactly what the real internal architecture of the Freescale 7447a is in use here? Is this of the same ilk of design that will eventually be dual core and potentially used in the Powerbook? Without knowing the board specs we may not know right away. I guess my concern would be heat (obviously) and power draw. Still pretty amazing stuff for Cube owners.
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    Looking on the bright side, all those folks wingeing that the Mac mini doesn't have 3.5" HD, needs an upgradeable graphics card slot and wanted a taller case...now have a lower cost alternative...a BYOEverything Mac maxi :D
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    Also, remember Powerlogix just announced their Cube and non-cube G4 upgrades, which have both 7447 ***and*** 7457 configurations. The latter of course has that wonder 2M L3 cache.

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