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Girl, 11, Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by obeygiant, Feb 5, 2010.

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    Apparently this isn't the only time this has happened.
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    Mazel Tov! :eek:
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    Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!
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    Is there going to be an investigation into this rape? :mad:
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    But... how? How can what we assume to be a then a ten year old girl:

    1) Assuming it's not rape, get into a sexual situation?
    2) Even get pregnant?
    3) Not have an abortion?

    The world is actually going to hell in a handbasket.
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    I believe the youngest mother was FIVE:
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    There was a 9 year old Asian girl on the news Tuesday that had given birth to a baby boy.
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    I love children with all my heart; but I think ANYONE getting pregnant before the age of 16 is a disaster and should never happen. Maybe I'll invent a hormone shot that inhibits child conception until a certain age (not
    birth control, like an annual/bi-annual shot. Something that has no negative effects). But even at age 16 it's a God damned mistake.
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    16 is still to young. Might be ready physically, but I bet 90% of 16 year old girls are not ready to go thru pregnancy, or be a mother.
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    It's rape no matter what according to the law.
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    Aisha was only nine, apparently. But that was different, apparently.
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    thats just outrageous, no matter what culture you're in!
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    Early pregnancies like this aren't that surprising given that certain girls are beginning to reach puberty at earlier ages. This is almost entirely due to environmental/chemical contamination. Man-made chemicals with structures similar to natural hormones are thus influencing the body to mature at an earlier age (prior to the natural full development of the body). When one reaches puberty, sexual desires arise. This is expected as it is a natural consequence of the heightened hormonal state of puberty. Sexual desires lead to sexual activity and pregnancies like this, thus, occasionally occur. Again, this isn't surprising.
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    Nature would beg to differ.
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    Any word on the rape investigation? Is there going to be one?
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    Fair enough. Although I see it as a difference wether she actually wanted it by some sort of horrible choice or someone actually forcefully raped her, it's wrong in all ways imaginable.
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    The mother and mother's mother are not being identified, so obviously we're not going to know the details.

    Also: why are you so dead set on a rape investigation? What if it were her eleven year old boyfriend that knocked her up?
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    Does statutory rape not count if both parties are underage? :confused:
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    You're sure hell bent on driving this point home, aren't you?

    What if she had consensual sex with someone her same age? Maybe before you try to drive home the point that you believe (a word that is missing from your posts) she was raped, you should take the time to look up statutory rape. I am not saying that it is not, but I am saying you seem to have detected a crime where a crime was not at all identified. Of course, your intent could be to make waves and maybe you're asking this board if it applies as if there's a panel of lawyers standing by make that call. Either way, do some research and come to the determination then make a call because clearly whomever had sex with this then 10 year old girl may need to go to jail if they did in fact commit a crime.
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    Wow, this is just so sad.
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    It's not unusual at all for girls to start getting their period at 11, and if they get their period they can get pregnant. Actually it's normal for girls to start getting their period from anywhere between 8 and 16.
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    Probably not by statute at any rate.
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    I believe an investigation should be done on this regardless of if it was consensual or not.
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    An investigation may not be relevant or necessary. It may have occurred through innocence and/or ignorance between curious children.
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    In the UK at least, if anyone engages in sexual activity with someone under the age of 13, it would be an offence, regardless of their own age or whether "consent" is obtained - the thinking is that aged under 13 a child is unable to give consent (ie lacks the capacity to make that decision).

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