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Give your iPod Bluetooth

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MmmPancakes, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Come to think of it, I don't think I have any other BT-enabled devices. :eek:
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    are yo having fun talking to yourself ;)
    Its cool but i want bluetooth to be able to sync my ipod
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    Yeah, I want iPod syncing to take 4 hours, too. :p

    BT is a nice idea for it, but.. transferring 10+ gigs of music over it? blech!
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    well not for the first transfer but afterwork to add a few songs update contracts/calander..... should be that slow, and its wireless so you just stick it out of the way
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    but you know I'm too lazy to plug stuff in, even the first time!

    and think about the 100s of thousands of cables wasted!

    /Kt's cable disposing company
    //pay me to do stuff
    ///just sells cables back to Apple
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    Bluetooth also has a limited range. So wouldn't it be just as easy to just plug it in? You'll ahve to be near the computer anyway. plsu with it plugged in, if you jsut have to synch up a few things, it would be really fast. Bluetooth would still take a few minutes. It just doesn't seem necessary or even useful to me.
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    Unless their is something that I'm missing this device is INCOMPATIBLE with 5G iPod and nano units. It works off of the powered headphone accessory jack.

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