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Glass Windows isnt the only windows in BMW's.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by iJon, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Hey guys, a friend sent me think link, i almost fell over laughing. I dont know if this is old news or not. Apparently this guy had a new BMW 7 series and it is run by a program called iDrive. iDrive is a stripped down version of Microsoft's Operation System. On this link he filmed his problems, this was so funny, check it out, if you click on the back button on the site you can read more about his. I thought it was hilarious. Personnaly I feel a little bit better not having a little Bill Gates in my Acura.
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    The best part is that after finding out what a problematic pile BMWindows is, he put the clip out as .wmv files.
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    haha i found that funny myself. i love the key popping out, i cracked up so much with that one.

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    This is sad. I love BMWs, and they've really paid attention to details in the past, but come on. Too bad Apple doesn't have a subportable to run X Lite, it could then be adapted for stuff like this :) iTunes in your iBMW.

    Come to think of it, you know how different car lines do designer editions? Like the Eddie Bauer Explorer (i think) and the Looney Tunes ...something... anyway, there should be an Apple BMW. it'd be cool.

    'Course, then where would our budgets be...

    Oh, yeah, and forgot to mention. This is the first time i've actually used WMP, my god it sucks! i would hope, for their sake, it's just the Mac version that sucks this much, but i doubt it. The title bar doesn't tell you what file is open, it couldn't play an already downloaded file if i was downloading something else, it quit when i closed the window, and it was too jerky to watch. CRAP.

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    Hey Guys-

    I am dying to see these .wmv files but everytime i click on any of the links I get a separate window that pops up with this message:

    "Your account is suspended, please contact support."

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!:)
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    same deal:confused:
    looks like the person who was hosting them lost his webhosting account

    if anyone knows about another place where we can find them that be really cool
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    works fine on my machine :D

    but then again, im using windows. in fact, i just came back from an online game because of an unhandled exception error :rolleyes:
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    hey guys, all you have to do is go download windows media player for mac os x and they files will play fine. get it at versiontracker.com in the mac os x section.

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    Sounds like you have a different problem. I've been using the WMP for a few months now and yes it sucks compared to Quicktime but it will let you watch a file that is STILL being downloaded. So I don't know what is wrong with your system.
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    I have WMP (unfortunately) and when I click on the links, it tells me: "Your account is suspended, please contact support. "

    This is a problem with the website, and unless they fix it, then there is no way to see them, unless someone has downloaded them...
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    yeah i noticed that today as well. i have most of them if not all of them on my computer at home. When i get home tonight I will post them on my idisk so you can all see them, they are quite funny.

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    What are you people using WMP to play WMV files for?

    MPlayer all the way baby.
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    Thanks iJon

    Thanks in advance iJon for posting the movies on iDisk later tonight.

    BTW, I did download the files to disk and recieved an error message from Windows Media Player saying that it could not play the files.

    I even registered on the Baseline site to see if that would resolve the account suspension issue, but it didn't.
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    The "account suspended" message was directed to the person who operated the website, he probably either went over his bandwidth limit or violated his TOS. i'd imagine it's the former, because people have been able to get in sometimes, so it's probably like an hourly bandwidth limit or something. All you can do is either wait for iJon to post on iDisk, or keep trying, you might get in after the bandwidth limit resets...

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    ok guys, the files are going on my idisk as we speak. the total of all the movies is like 21 megabytes. They are in a folder called BMW films. Im gonna play some Battlefield 1942 so it may take a little bit longer than expected. Should be done in about 15 minutes. I would download the trunk and key one first, they are my favortite. my idisk name is "jtaylor.mac". if anyone has any problems getting let me know and ill check it out. UPDATE: everything is uploaded, enjoy windows at it's finest, in CARS!

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    Was unable to access you sight.
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    Re: video

    are you sure, go to versiontracker.com and download idisk utility. then bring my public folder. all 6 movies should be inthere. letme know if anyone else has any problems.

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    Hey Jon,
    thanks for posting those. I'm D/Ling them now.
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    I might just be having a bad day, but mPlayer is nothing more than an audio player for me. I see no video. no window where it plays, nothing pops up, nothing. nada. zilch. zip...

    Any suggestions?
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    Yeah I figured that out as well after I downloaded the movie.

    MPlayer only plays audio on my Mac while MPlayer on my Lindows box plays both.

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    It was slashdotted yesterday.
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    Downloaded iDisk utility [per your advice] and when asked to enter a member name, I enetered "iJon" and also "iJon@mac.com" [just for *****s & gig's] but neither worked.

    Can anyone help please...?:)
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    To answer the above question jsut type in jtaylor.mac
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    yeah ijon is my macrumors name. my .mac name is "jtaylor.mac"

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    I read some reviews from Version Tracker, and they say that not all .wmv files will open properly. Something with the codec... .wmv is such a messy file type, though... There are so many different ways and things to do to it, there is not one universal player that does .wmv... which is why we need standards, like mpeg4, not mediaplayer 9, a proprietary, stupid thing...

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