GLMPS Brings Harry Potter-esque Moving Photos to the iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 4, 2011.

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    There is no shortage of choice when it comes to photography apps for the iPhone. One of the most popular, Instagram, just recorded its 150 millionth photo. As a result, developers need to produce something special to differentiate their apps from the competition.

    GLMPS (pronounced "glimpse") is a free iPhone photography app, with a twist. Traditional photo apps take a picture when the 'capture' button is pressed. GLMPS is different. When launched, the app continually records video so that when a photo is taken, GLMPS automatically saves the five seconds of video proceeding it.

    See article for video example:

    Co-founder Nick Long told All Things Digital that the original idea was to capture short looped videos, similar to the way photographs work in the Harry Potter universe. Click the thumbnail in the bottom right corner of the above image to see how it works.

    Because the app is constantly grabbing video, and gets the final image from that stream, the photographs are not nearly as high quality as using more traditional photography apps. The final snap is added to the users camera roll, but the only way to share the GLMPSes is via the website. That site is slightly limited too, with no 'private' option, so users should keep that in mind when uploading potentially embarrassing pictures.

    The team behind GLMPS notes that it is a work in progress, and there are lots of features they plan on bringing to the app. GLMPS launched today, free on the App store.

    Article Link: GLMPS Brings Harry Potter-esque Moving Photos to the iPhone
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    Except that anyone who watched the movies or read the books knows that the photos in harry potter resemble real living people, and can in fact think for themselves. This isn't anything like that.
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    That's true of the paintings, but not of the photographs.
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    So what? It's called a video. It's different when it's in a picture frame or a newspaper, but a phone? Big whup. My phone can do that without this app. Derp.
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    ^^ nerd alert ^^
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    There was a difference? I seem to recall every photo/painting behaving similarly. It varied depending on how "occupied" the people depicted in the photo were, such as the photo of sirius black in one of the newspapers (can't believe I actually remember that...), where he was occupied trying to (i think) break free of captors. The only way anything resembling photos in harry potter could ever actually make it into the real world is through interactive holography.
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    I recall that persons on paintings could move to another painting, as long as it was within the same building. Photos contain real people (at least, that's what the first novel says), therefore, if a person isn't posing, then the canvas is supposed to be empty. Doesn't explain at all why dead people still appear, or why sirius black decides to pose for the Daily Profit :rolleyes:.
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    Strong contender for Stupidest Thing of the Week.
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    He didn't pose, he was being arrested (if i remember the photo correctly anyway).
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    Yeah, he was trying to break free from the people holding him; they were holding him so the Daily Prophet could get his picture.
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    Looks like fun, I guess. But it's videography, not photography.

    Capturing a video still doesn't make it a photo.

    "Moving photos" = video. LOL
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    I'm not sure that requiring Flash on your homepage is the best way to market to iOS users. ;)
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    It doesn't require flash when viewed on an iOS device.
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    I figured that. Hence, the wink. :)
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    Anonymous Freak

    I had a digital still camera that could do this a few years ago. You could set it up so that when you took a still photo, it would also record a short video that consisted of 5 seconds of video on either side of when you clicked the shutter release.
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    It really is magical!
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    macrumors writes:

    "GLMPS (pronounced 'glimpse')"

    with all due respect, in what other way could it possibly be pronounced? :)
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    Um, like this: Gee, El, Em, Pee, Es

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    never in a million years would that possibility have occurred to me. i immediately thought to pronounce it. but i suppose some would be hesitant. :)
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    i don't get it.
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    Funny, on my iOS based iPad 2 it told me that I needed Flash. So, I'd echo that that might not be the best way to approach this market...

    Those are cool. It would be a bit tricky for an app to automatically do something like that, though...
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    Yep my Sony camera did this.
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    Isn't this what animated GIFs/PNGs are for?:confused:

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