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Global Warming?

Discussion in 'Community' started by MacAztec, Jan 13, 2004.

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    What is everyones thoughts on Global Warming?

    I believe mankinds polution may be part of the reason, and I believe it is natural for earth to do this.

    The earth is wobbling on its axis, very slowly. This may cause warming/ice ages every 500,000 years. Just because we have been able to see that temperatures are going up within the last 100 years or whatever, doesn't mean we are the effect of it.

    Scientific American (I believe) did an article on the subject. They came to the conclusion that Global Warming is indeed a myth, it is just a natural occurance.

    My chemistry teacher tried to tell me how the glaciers in some area are being depleted. There used to be 50+, and now there are 30+ (since the 60s). Well, snow that is melting is being replenished somewhere else as fast as it is melting.

    What are your takes?
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    I believe humans are the cause, and it is due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.

    I bet it is part natural, but humans are definitely causing it to at least go faster.

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    There are so many potential causes that no one really can say that we in particular are THE cause. We are a contributing factor no doubt.

    Some of the known factors are solar cycles, oceanic cycles, global weather cycles, geologic activity cycles, man made causes.

    We know from past history that the Earth has gone through numerous heating and cooling cycles. We are just now starting to correlate some of those cycles to solar activity. In the last couple years our knowledge of the sun has increased greatly mostly do to new technology giving us better data.

    Something to consider is based on evidence laid out in ice layers the Earth warms over thousands of years after an ice age. On the other hand it doesn't take thousands of years to go into the ice age. From the geologic evidence it takes as little as 3 years to go from peak temperatures to full blown ice age.

    So no we aren't going to boil the oceans away and die in a burning ball of gas like Venus. The irony of the whole thing is we're going to freeze to death because of global warming.
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    one dimensional, but amusing:

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    Believing we know everything about the world is not the way to learn about the world. This has probably something to do with why it has taken so long to get absolutely nowhere with the Global Warming stuff.

    Isn't there more information concerning the earths patchy magnetic field and how it's become a lot weaker over the last 10 -15 years? Also there was another thing about the adjustment of atomic clocks in relation with the earths rotation, they said they haven't had to adust for the last few years.

    either way, if we blow up the Earth or not, we're as natural as the any Asteroid.:)
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    This is absolutely correct. But it shouldn't stop us from polluting which is just plain disgusting.
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    This also is absolutely correct.:D

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