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Glossy? Matte?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by xomissjaye, Jul 15, 2009.

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    So, as mostly everyone knows Apple might be bringing back the option to offer matte screens in October. I, however start school in September and I never used a mac before. I'm again 'Deeply confused' Right now I definitely don't want to wait, but if the matte screen isn't bad on your eyes, or gives better color, should I wait? The thing is, is that I will also lose my education Ipod rebate thing. I kinda wanted to get that :/

    Is the glossy screen that bad? Will it somehow alter the way I view things, like will the color seem off or something? Will your eyes strain more? (I already have glasses :/) In the end which will benefit me more, glossy or matte?
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    Hello I don't mean to be rude. There are tons of threads regarding. Give Search a go and most likey you will find the answer you are looking for. :)

    Hope this helps.
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    im sorry, I'll search, but the link you gave me doesn't work :/ ah wellz thanks tho!
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    No worries. Sorry about the link. It seems that the link will only last awhile. Try typing the key word " matte glossy antiglare"

    You will get the Mac and you will completely love it.
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    the glossy screen is great. I always had matte screens on my apple laptops but now that I have this new one I completely love it. It is bright enough to not be a problem in any lighting conditions.
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    Which to is best depends on how you intend to use the computer

    The glossy screen tends to make the color appear brighter. For many uses this is good and people like it. If you are mostly watching movies, playing games and so on, brighter color is good but if you are working in a studio creating visual content you want "accurate" color.

    I think Apple went with the glossy screens because (1) there are more media consumers than media creaters. why not appeal to the larger crowd and (2) the glossy screens are cheaper because they lack the anti glare coating. (I suspect a strong does of #2)
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    Another thing to consider about the glossy display is how highly reflective it is when used outside or with the screen facing a window or another strong light source. Although admittedly I've gotten a little used to it over the last few months I still find it incredibly annoying.

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