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Gmail on Mail

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by nintendofreak93, Jul 12, 2008.

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    I followed their Youtube video of how to put Gmail on ure Mail App but it somehow didn't work. Please Help!
  2. JL7
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    settings/mail contacts calendars/accounts/add account/gmail

    then enter account info:D
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    It says "Cannot Connect Using SSL" then it says do u want to set up witouth ssl? now what?
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    DO NOT BUMP! :p

    Anyway just turn off "use SSL encryption "
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    This all set now? I didn't hear a "sweet, thanks!" or anything, so just checking.
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    still didnt work. :( and yes im connected to the internet.
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    Cheffy Dave

    ou are correct Sir, zactly how i did it;)
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    Turn ON IMAP IN GMAIL ACCOUNT SETTINGS on your computer
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    i did that, too. :(
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    It's most likely a misspelled password or login name.
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    and is Pop/forwarding turned off?
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    I set up mine from a google search. Works flawlessly. If nothing works, try another step by step set up.

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