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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by electric, Dec 9, 2002.

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    This is a good plan for students even if the institution had went with pc's, but luckily they chose macs, as long as your scholorship was paying for your room and board that is otherwise the added costs to your room and board for the iBook might end up being more than an actual iBook, maybe not though because I didnt read the whole article.:rolleyes:
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    Ok, just imagine if your iBook get stolen. Can you imagine? to pay for it?

    I'm not really sure if having a prtable computer in school is gonna help you with better grades, I really do not think so. It will help the software piracy for sure, specially games.

    Lets see what happen.

    I studied multimedia in a school with hundreds of SGI machines and all I could do after the school was Photoshop... so, a $22.000 year tuition to end up working with Photoshop? Too much technology, not much usefull education.
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    Ummm, most students type out reports and papers and such on computers so it would be much easier and less stressful to be able to do that in your dorm room than to have to go to the library each time, research is also much easier on the internet. I'm sure the iBooks would come with the neccesary software preinstalled because the institutions are not going to expect you to pay for software for a computer your are not even going to keep. Computers have become an integral part of education today, even in middle and high schools and in some areas elementary school, these are not meant to be gaming machines.......:rolleyes:
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    One thing i have noticed about portables and college students:

    People with laptops are too afraid to look like nerds to bring them to class. Mom and dad spend the extra bucks for the portable computer, and it never leaves the kid's desk. it is like we are still in freakin high school, and you wouldn't want to do a social no-no.

    i proudly bring my laptop to lectures and my design classes.

    i hear that in grad school, it is the exact opposite.
  6. Gus
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    That's because most people are in college (undergrad) for social reasons first. Grad students are there to learn something first, and then go out and share a beer and professor horror stories. :)

    I use my iBook in the library way more than the classroom. It's much easier to write citations at the stacks than dragging large books all over the basement of the library.


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