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God and Homosexuality

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Shrek, Apr 3, 2003.

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    Some people here dislike my views of homosexuality, which I pointed out in this thread. However, after much thought and study I came upon the following:

    Notice the words 'lust' and 'perversion' is used here. That's what homosexuality is all about: lust. Lust after the body-type of someone of the same sex. Indeed, I do believe it is possible to be born this way, but that doesn't mean one should act on this lust.

    Now look what the Bible has to say about love:


    This is the the kind of selfless love that goes against the natural human inclination. It is a giving, expect nothing in return kind of love. This love is based on the deliberate choice of the one who loves rather than the worthiness of the one who is loved. Now that is awesome and full of power! This is God's love.

    Now look at this:

    This proves that it is possible to flee from any lifestyle which contradicts what God wants for each and every one of us.

    So, if you choose your partner out of lust you are living a life of sin and perversion. Choose your partner out of love and you are doing what is righteous and good.

    The same goes for homosexuals. Homosexuals can either lust after those of the same sex and live in sin, or they can learn how to truly love someone of the opposite sex and live righteously. For out of love, a homosexual should be even be able to "make love" to someone of the same sex out of love and not out of lust.

    This makes very good sense because their have been people who have been gay and have learned to love, thus leaving their perversive lifestyles and pursuing a lifestyle of love, peace, and righteousness.

    Note that all of the above passages were written by Paul the Apostle.
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    "...the bible this" , "...the bible that", "...the bible states that this is wrong and blah blah blah". Honestly, who cares what the bible says anymore. I don't mean to start a controversy, but the bible is not exactly non fiction.
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    There is a problem here Shrek.

    You are attacking homosexuals as if God has given you a mission.... But the only good psychological explaination for your behaviour isn't devine inspiration but latent homosexuality. Do us all a favor and go sit out a night at a Gay nightclub and then tell me they're degenerates.
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    Shrek - do you think that a homosexual man being in a
    relationship w/ another man because of lust is more sinful
    than a man being in a relationship with a woman because
    of lust?
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    Re: There is a problem here Shrek.

    No, just preaching to them as if God has given me a mission. ;)
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