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going rate on broken ibook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by toezter, May 19, 2005.

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    well since i can't get my ibook's logic board replaced ($700) since someone has already tried to fix it, i want to see how much i can get for it.

    the shell is in decent/great condition, HD works, CDrw/DVD drive works, screen has no dead pixles, keyboard is great, 256MB stick of ram, airport, battery holds its charge, everything but the logic board is kaputt.

    how much does everyone think i can get from it all? quite possibly looking at the $200-300 range *cough* psp *cough*
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    You've run through all the motions with Apple as well? They still do case by case basis on the logic board repair program. If not, and you want to move on, $200-$300 seems fair if you have a 700 mhz or greater G3.
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    You'll make some decent money selling the parts because they're practically standard across the entire white iBook generation.

    If you're logic board is fried, and you have the knack for taking gadgets apart, I'd check out PBfixit.com. They sell replacement logic boards and provide step-by-step instructions on how to replace one. You might be able to grab a 700mhz for around $300-$350.

    Or check out www.solder.net (BEST). I've read somewhere on another forum that one person sent their logic board in to this company and they were able to re-solder the chip back onto the logic board for ~$37.

    I've taken my iBook apart all the way down to holding the logic board in my hand. It takes quite some time but it can be done.
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    i went thru all the motions with apple. its not covered under the logic board replacement warranty since it has been worked on before by a non apple tech. they knew this because there were things where they were not supposed to be. i wasn't too suprised since i have taken appart the ibook before due to a poor airport reception. after going thru step by step tear down procedures, i noticed that my airport cable was coming out from the other leg (display mount). all because of the previous owner/s.

    so after pretending that i did not know, i kindly accepted it back since i don't have $700 to replace the logic board, i just bought a pb.

    calyxman, i just sent you a pm.

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